Let’s Hear It For The Boys: The College Men Who Vow To End Hookup Culture

Hookup culture, and Tinder and the “Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse”; it seems as though it’s impossible to escape the never-ending cycle of negative relationship talk that’s surrounded college campuses today.

However, most of the media coverage of this topic is incredibly one-sided: from females perspectives.

the Lala believes it’s important to show both sides of the story, which is why we asked guys from all over the country to share their views and vows on hookup culture.

Below, the vows college men are taking to make hooking up, hanging out and dating a much healthier, happier process.


“I vow to not judge a girl based on just physical attributes before I talk to her. I vow not to just try and hook up at parties, but to enjoy myself, and the conversations that take place between strangers.”

Anonymous, 19, Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University


“I vow to choose true love over lust.”

Matthew – 20, Political Science, University of St. Thomas


“I vow to stand up for what I believe in and to help others see what is right/wrong.”

Anonymous, 19, Elementary Ed, Butler University


“I vow to be the end of my family’s long history of dishonest relationships.”

Ryan, 20, Sociology, University of St. Thomas



“I vow to respect others and treat them as human beings and not sexual objects.”

Cory, 20, Marketing, University of St. Thomas


“I vow to maintain my morals.”

Anonymous, 21, Public Relations, Iowa State University


“I vow to be in a relationship when I feel secure in my faith, myself, and the future I see with whoever she may be.”

Andy, 21, Business Management, University of St. Thomas


“I vow to always value both my mind and body.”

Anonymous, 20, Finance, University of Texas – Austin


“I vow to hold both myself and my peers to higher standards than what is currently seen as ‘socially acceptable’.”

Anonymous, 18, Marketing, Purdue University


“I vow to uphold the dignity of others.”

Leo, 21, History, University of St. Thomas


“I vow to not let the current social norms of society compromise my beliefs.”

Anonymous, 19, Marketing, Indiana University


“I vow to uphold my emotions to higher standards than my desires.

I vow to look for love in sex, and treat it with all respect and emphasis.

I vow to love simply and powerfully, and not let lust rule my emotions or my motives.

I vow to prize emotion above all else. My relationship will be about my partners’ health, emotion, wellness, and happiness, and in living thusly, about my own happiness as well.”

Zach, 20, Environmental Science, University of St. Thomas


“I vow to not partake in sexual acts unless both parties are consensual and sober enough to make informed decisions.”

Anonymous, 20, Exercise Science, College of St. Olaf


“I vow to remember that hook ups are not lasting happiness, but instead a temporary distraction.”

Anonymous – 19, Law and Public Policy, Indiana University


“I vow to live my life in the pursuit of being a good husband, father, and friend.”

Aaron, 19, Health Promotion, University of St. Thomas


“I vow to never feel pressured into anything I don’t want to do again.”

Anonymous, 20, Psychology, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee


“I vow to not use girls (especially for their physical attributes) for my own benefit. I vow to care and listen to every person I come into contact with, not just people I find attractive or “beneficial” to talk to. I vow to love people with passion, not out of obligation or indifference.”

Evan, 20, Entrepreneurship and Finance, University of St. Thomas


“I vow to stand up for my beliefs.”

Anonymous. 20, Media Studies, St. Mary’s University


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