Meet College Entrepreneur Shona Sinha, Founder Of CHICSHA

Meet Shona Sinha, a college entrepreneur on a mission to start a new platform for shopping on a college girl’s budget. A senior at Indiana University, Shona studies apparel merchandising and minors in business. Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with the fashion guru herself and find out more about her new venture, CHICSHA.

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the Lala: So how did this whole idea originate?

Shona: CHICSHA began by my dire need of shopping and my dad always asking, “How much is enough?” But it’s never enough. I always had friends with cute clothing and would always want to borrow it. At times I wanted to keep the borrowed items but knew I’d have to buy it off them, which would be impossible– kinda using other people’s closets as treasure hunts. So I created a place where college students, specifically, could buy clothes off each other. College students love to experiment and make spontaneous purchases, but on a budget.

the Lala: What can I expect by going to the CHICSHA website?

Shona: We are currently working on relaunching the whole website. But soon, you will be able to click a few buttons and upload pictures of the clothing pieces you want to sell. If you’re interested in buying or selling, you can only to do with a college or university email address, so it’s specifically for college students. As a buyer, the prices are also driven to college students. As a seller, you’ll sell like a normal e-commerce website.

the Lala: How can you purchase clothing items on the site?

Shona: Purchases will be made through PayPal to keep all parties safe and secure. PayPal is universally comfortable and trusted.

the Lala: How will you receive the items you purchase?

Shona: If you pick from your own university, you can arrange to pick it up in person on campus. If you want to purchase from a university other than your own, you’ll just pay the shipping costs to have it shipped directly to you.

the Lala: So it’s basically like an eBay mixed with a thrift store?

Shona: Yeah, basically! It’s like a marketplace for thrifty college students. Thrifty and trendy college students.

the Lala: How do you plan to expand this whole idea and make it bigger in the future?

Shona: Hopefully in the future, we will have physical launches at other universities like we’re currently doing at IU. There will be pop-up stores at boutiques in college towns.

the Lala: When can readers expect to see the new CHICSHA site relaunch?

Shona: February! Early February. Immediately after the launch event at Indiana University, you can start buying and selling.

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As a reader of the Lala, you can even expect special deals on the CHICSHA marketplace for future purchases!

Shona: Lala readers are smart, stylish, and, most importantly, economical. CHICSHA is basically a site where college students can use their closets as banks. If you want to go out for a drink at your favorite bar, go to your closet and sell that dress you’ve worn only once for a little bit of quick cash. Then go out and party hard.


If you’re a student at Indiana University, CHICSHA is hosting their launch event this Thursday February 5th. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out! For more details and to RSVP check out the event post here.

If you don’t go to Indiana University or can’t make it to CHICSHA’s launch THIS THURSDAY, go to to start selling and buying clothes of your own!

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