Meet Keep: The Shopping Site That’s Pinterest, But Better

Have you ever found something on Pinterest and fallen completely in love with it only to find that the image you pinned doesn’t take you to the site where you can buy it? Or maybe the pin you’ve come across is years old and the item is completely sold out? That’s what I like to call Pinterest Blue Balls. Just when you think you’re stumbling upon greatness, it all disappears. But thanks to the new site and app Keep, you’ll never have to feel that disappointment again.

Keep’s format is very similar to Pinterest’s. You can create and personalize “collections” (think Pinterest boards) where you “keep” (rather than “pin”) items that you like.


But here’s the catch. Besides saving it in your need-to-buy-this folder, Keep tells you exactly where you can buy any particular items, how much it costs, and even let’s you buy it right through the app.

photo 3

Never again will you be googling obscure descriptions like “long white maxi dress with open back” or digging through dead-end links. And, if you’re not already sold on that alone, Keep has great little added features, like coupons and contest. I’ve been offered $15 off of my next purchase, and my roommate won a rocking chair. What’s not to love?

Keep’s shopping policy also guarantees they’ll find you the lowest possible price. They’re doing the promo code research for you. Another added bonus? You can follow your friends on Keep and spy what they’re eyeing. Shopping for birthday presents has never been so east.

Warning: Do not download this app while you’re studying for midterms. You will procrastinate.


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