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It may not be every woman’s dream to one day create, organize and run a successful, thriving business in New York City at the age of 25, but we can definitely all admire and praise the adventurous efforts of Dani Beckerman, founder of the delicious new dessert craze in Manhattan, JARS by dani. JARS have evolved into a must-have for any celebration in the City, as they steal your heart with layers after layers of your favorite sweets, mixed in with a little whipped cream, chocolate mousse and sprinkles, how could anyone resist?


Beckerman was born and raised in Washington, D.C., where her love for baking took form, but it wasn’t until graduating from the University of Maryland that Beckerman made the decision to follow her passion of culinary arts, leaving a promising career in medicine behind. Her next step was to enroll at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and from there, JARS was born.

With the combination of her talent, tons of sugar and a little assistance from social media, a business was formed that has not only managed to impress us, but Glamour Magazine, the New York Post, VH1 and foodies scattered throughout Manhattan. We had the opportunity sit down with Beckerman and ask her a few questions on her drive, success and the day-to-day life of a baker, boss and all around powerhouse.


the Lala : How did you get the idea for JARS?

Beckerman : I have always loved mixing different foods together. When I saw the jars in an arts and crafts store I thought it would be a good way to mix all the stuff I like together and have it actually look pretty!

the Lala : Did you have any doubts when deciding to move forward with JARS by dani, leaving your pre-med degree behind?

Beckerman : JARS by dani escalated so quickly I had no time to look back – and now I am so happy that I didn’t.

the Lala : You must be so busy, what’s a normal workday like for you?

Beckerman : I wake up around 3:30 a.m. actually. Then my day is filled with a million things- baking, meetings, events, business planning, jarlivering- everything. I get back home anywhere from 8pm- 2am. Sleep doesn’t really exist.

the Lala : How many Jars would you say you make in a day?

Beckerman : Some days we are making up to 1000!

the Lala : With so many different types and flavors, we were wondering, what’s your favorite?

Beckerman : Ah, I can’t decide something like that! I love them all. But probably the original fudge. Or the cookie dough. Or the peanut butter. And the white chocolate is so pretty!

the Lala : For those of us who aren’t in Manhattan and are dying to try a JAR, are there any plans to expand Jars by Dani outside of New York?

Beckerman : I am already shipping nationally! But definitely plan on having multiple locations across the country and hopefully internationally!

the Lala : Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs such as yourself?

Beckerman : Be ready to work hard- its always worth it. Learn to delegate – you can’t do everything yourself. And you have to love what you are doing – it’s a lot of hard work and it’s hard to motivate yourself without the passion.

From birthdays, to weddings, to store openings, JARS by dani are the perfect addition! If you’d like to taste the deliciousness that is JARS by dani, which we highly recommend that you do, you can do so by visiting her website here and make sure to try out some of the new holiday treats shown below!

Follow Dani on instagram, twitter, and be sure to like her page on facebook!



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