Make A “Be Mine” Valentine’s Garland

We deck the halls for Christmas, throw cobwebs on our windows for Halloween, and fill our apartments with streamers and confetti for New Year’s. But how come when it comes to making your space festive for a holiday, Valentine’s Day tends to get no love? No pun intended.

This Vday whip up a quick garland with your favorite lovey dovey saying. We chose a classic, but “you’re my BAE” or would look pretty darn cute hanging on your wall.

Here’s how to make one.

1) Grab some glitter paper, or scrapbook paper of your choice, some thin wooden letters, glue and some string.


2) Flip your paper over and trace your letters, cut them out and glue paper onto the wooden letters.




3) Glue, staple or even tape (depending on how light your letters are) the wooden letters to a long piece of string and voila! You have an adorable garland.

glue down

valentine's garland

be mine garland


Molly Longest

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