#RaveOn: Make Your Own Galaxy In A Jar

Summer is finally upon us! The sun’s rays are at last hitting us long and hard, but when the sun sets, the stars come out and the night has just begun. You know what that means, it’s time to break out those tents, the firewood, the marshmallows and the glow-sticks. Speaking of glow sticks, have you ever wondered what else you could do with them other than wrapping them around your head and wrists? We have, and we came up with this amazing Galaxy Jar DIY that is out of this world and beyond simple. Trust us, even Zenon couldn’t top this one.



– A Glass Jar (we used some mason jars)

– Scissors

– Glow Sticks

– Gloves (totally optional)


STEP ONE : Prepare yourself. If you have a major fear of toxic gels, you may want to slip on a pair of gloves because this can get a little messy. Also, make sure you are outdoors when you make these, just in the rare case anything should spill.

STEP TWO: Crack those glow sticks and shake them up. You want to make sure that the whole stick is lit up with the glow gel! Trust us, it will be so much easier for the next step.


STEP THREE: The toxic, but easiest and most fun part: Snip off the end of your glow stick, we recommend you snip it over the jar so you just let the end of it fall inside. Then take that glow stick and shake it all around the mason jar, there is no right or wrong way to do this, the more sporadic the dots, the cooler.

STEP FOUR: Add more and more, but limit yourself. We limited each jar to about three sticks, just so there was not too little, not too much, but just enough to shine off that galaxy effect.

Our Expert Tips

Tip 1: Use complementing colors; for example, mixing a blue and pink glow stick will look amazing (pictured below), but mixing a green and pink glow stick, might look a little out there… But hey, go for it, the color options can vary to infinity and beyond!

Tip 2: Wash your hands right after! If these gels get on your hands it isn’t a huge deal, (heck, you’d be glowing for a night out!) but use some soap & water and you’ll be right back to flaunting your healthy summer tan!


These stellar jars could be used for centerpieces for a party at night, or just for a fun photo shoot with your friends during the summer. If you do show them off to your guests, we highly recommend that you wrap some plastic wrap on the top because the gel in glowsticks are, ya know, kinda toxic and def should not be consumed. We’d much rather you consume one of the new frapps from starbucks!

When you’ve made your stellar creation, we’d LOVE to see them!! Tweet or Insta it up and mention @FollowtheLala!

Lindsey Marie Whalen

Editorial Contributor, Catholic University of America Major: Studio Art Her heart belongs to: the ocean, high heels and preppy boys. You can find her: pretending to be a tourist in Times Square, diving for sand dollars in the ocean or belting Newsies in the car with Alanna.

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