How To Make Modern DIY Hanging Succulents

We’re always getting the itch to redecorate our rooms and add more to our space.  One of the easiest ways to upgrade your room is to add a little greenery. Since succulents are having such a moment on the it list right now, we wanted to incorporate these trendy little plants into our decor. This super simple DIY is quick and easy, and will instantly freshen up the vibe in your space!



Glass Bulbs

Mini Succulents (real or fake)

River Rocks


Twine or Jute


(we found all supplies at our local craft store!)


It doesn’t really matter what order you begin putting these together in–we started with the moss! Break it up in small pieces and fill the bottom of the bulbs with the fuzzy green stuff.


Next, pour a handful of rocks over the moss (be careful not to break the glass!)


Choose your first succulent and arrange it in the bulb. We liked this one with the long leaves poking out of the front.


Put together your other bulbs in the same way…we only made two, but you can make an entire hanging garden!



Cut two pieces of twine to different lengths.  Tie a double knot around the hole in the top of each of the bulbs, then tie a loop knot at the other end to hang on the wall. We love these pretty decorations hanging in front of a window to catch the light!


Enjoy these lovely little projects in your own space!

Meghan Reza

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