Why We Love Our Mamas, As Told By Claire Dunphy

Mother’s Day is around the corner, but, if we’re being honest… every day should be Mother’s Day. From the soccer moms to the “I’m-a-cool-mom” moms, there’s an endless list of mom-stereotypes out there, and they’re all fabulous in their own special ways. In honor of these superwomen, we rounded up some of our favorite mama-moments from the mom of all mom, Claire Dunphy to remember why we love our mamas so much!

Because mom can admit that she isn’t always the coolest.

but at least she gives it her best try.


Because mom can speak the truth without ever sounding like a bad person.

mostly because she does it will a smile.


Because mom will always drop everything and cry to a Nicholas Sparks movie with you.

and she’ll even supply the ice cream.


Because somehow mom survives juggling so many things at once.

even if it isn’t always that smooth.


Because mom knows all the secrets to cure just about everything.

mostly because she has been in your place many times before.


Because, as much as she loves us, mom needs some “me-time” too.

and she isn’t afraid to admit it.


Because mom is inevitably, somehow ALWAYS right.

and now we’re old enough to admit we are glad she is.


and of course… because mom loves us more than we will ever know.

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