Listen to Cayucas, Your New Indie-Pop Music Crush

If you could bottle up the feeling of spending a lazy summer day at the beach with your friends and turn it into a band, that band would be Cayucas. For you summertime souls who are already coming down with a case of the cold weather blues, think of this as your musical cure.

Cayucas (pronounced “ky-yook-us,”) is the epitome of beachy California indie-pop; think Beach Boys + Vampire Weekend. Vocalist Zach Yudin (whose twin brother Ben is the band’s bassist) named the group after Cayucos, a seaside Cali town with a “propensity for dreamy, lazy, bonfire-lit nights worth getting moony-eyed about.” The band was formed in 2012, after Yudin turned his solo project “Oregon Group Trails” into a group and renamed it Cayucas. They released their first single, “Swimsuit,” in 2012 and followed up with their debut album, Bigfoot, in April of last year.

cayucas 2

The band’s sound is fun, carefree, and undoubtedly summery, but we think that their catchy, upbeat songs are worth listening to all year long. Check out Bigfoot on iTunes and listen to a couple of our favorite tracks below.

Listen to “This Fiction” on Soundcloud

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