Let’s Hear It For The Boys, Why Our Guy Friends Should Read the Lala

We at the Lala believe we’re a team of some of the most authentic, opinionated, and intelligent college women on the planet (if we do say so ourselves). We take pride in providing women everywhere with original, fun, and empowering content as we represent the leading voice for college girls of today. Essentially, we put the thoughts that go on in a woman’s head down on paper (or publish them online). But is this detailed glimpse into a college girl’s mind only useful for a college girl herself? This exclusive look into our minds is exactly what guys need to understand the way we think, why we act in certain ways, and the intricacies that make us so simple, yet so complicated.

One might argue that the Lala is our space, a place for college girls to reflect and find inspiration for our daily lives, which can include a situation of boy trouble or two. Some might say an ideal world is one in which guys know what women want. What better way for them to learn than to take a glimpse at some of the most honest posts we have on the Lala?

Guys could get inside the heads of what we’re thinking about being the girl guys want to marry but not date right now. Or they could realize that we’re not all trying to “tie them down“. Or learn how to think twice before their fraternity chooses a sexist party theme – “CEOs and Office Hoes”, we’re looking at you.

They can get a sense of what we expect from guys, what frustrates us, what we take pride in. Using the Lala as a guide might even help your boyfriend save a struggling relationship.

Now, this suggestion isn’t just for significant others. Having our guy friends read the Lala is an easy way for them just to better understand us and our daily lives including the major issues we face like the prevalence of rape culture on college campuses. By better understanding these issues, they can join in the conversation and be advocates for us – because we can’t do it alone.

If you’re willing to let some guy friends get an inside glimpse of what’s going on in your mind, show them a Lala post or two. Better yet, ask them, “If you could find out what is going on in a woman’s mind, would you?” Chances are, they will be quick to take that chance. I introduced one of my friends to the Lala, and he could not have been more fascinated!

Andi Heffez

Contributor, The George Washington University Major: International Affairs Her heart belongs to: ice cream, miniature schnauzers, shaken unsweetened green tea, Deva Curl, and long FaceTime sessions with my sisters Her guilty pleasures: drinking out of my America's Next Top Model mug and quoting Desperate Housewives

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