The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Most girls diligently remove their makeup before bed, regardless if we’ve pulled an all nighter or had one too many tequila shots. The part of our beauty routine most girls are forgetting? Cleaning makeup brushes. It totally makes sense why it’s so necessary, the build up of dirt, old makeup, and bacteria can get pretty nasty fast. Ideally you’re supposed to do it once a week at the very least, but really who has time for that? I consider it a success if my brushes see the sink every other month. Have no fear though fellow lazy girls, we’ve got you covered. While nothing can truly replace a deep cleaning your makeup brushes, these products should at least help lessen the grossness between washes.

cinema secrets cleanser

Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner

This thing is a staple in makeup artist kits for a reason. Pour a tiny bit into a cup or small bowl, dip your brush in and wipe away all the grossness on a paper towel. Unlike an actual washing, theres no wait time for the brushes to dry, by the time you’re finished wiping your brush will be ready to use again. The best part? It makes your brushes smell like vanilla.

sephora instant cleanser

Sephora Collection Daily Brush Cleanser

Perfectly travel friendly and easy to stash in your makeup drawer, this guy is meant for daily cleaning. Disinfecting your brushes daily is a major key in helping keep that bacteria off your face. Simply spray and wipe down your brushes and move on with perfecting that smokey eye you saw on YouTube.

vera mona color swich

Color Switch by Vera Mona

This small sponge can take you from your most pigmented black shadow to your prettiest sparkle champagne color in a flash. While it doesn’t disinfect your brushes, all you have to do is run your brush over the sponge in a few circular motions and you have yourself a pigment free brush ready to use. Instead of having to use multiple brushes for a look you can easily switch colors without worrying about screwing up your eyeshadow.


sephora dry clean

Dry Clean Instant Dry Brush Cleaner

Every lazy girl has a strong attachment to dry shampoo for her hair, so why not for her makeup brushes too? This dry clean brush cleaner is just as simple as the Batiste dry shampoo in your bathroom right now. Simply spray the brush and wipe away on a tissue.

sephora brush cleansing wipes Brush It Off Cleansing Brush Wipes

It really doesn’t get more travel friendly than these. Throw one in your carry on and you’re good to go. All you have to do is open up the packet and wipe your brushes off on the towelette, then pat your brushes dry. Study abroad girls no longer have an excuse to not have clean brushes.

sigma brush mat

Sigma Spa Express Cleansing Mat

So we get that this would actually be washing your brushes, but hear us out. Normally you have to wash your brushes by hand, your fingers prune up, and you never feel like you can fully get everything out. This is where the Sigma cleansing mat comes in. Designed to fit perfectly in your tiny dorm sink, it is specially designed with bumps and ridges to make sure everything gets out. Just pour on a little cleanser and circle your brushes on the mat. Because it fits perfectly around the drain you can just turn on the faucet and those little bumps help you rinse out your brush too! Minimal work for maximum cleansing.

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