Super Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Already Have In Your Closet

Twas’ the night before Halloween and all through the costume store, not a decent item was left, but worry no more!

Cheesy rhyme, but let’s be honest – we’ve all been there. Super late to the costume-planning game with Halloween just hours away. And we’re no people to throw on a pair of cat ears and “call it a day”. No, no.

Don’t spend $40 on Amazon drone shipping or cancel your plans. We’ve got you covered. All it takes is a quick sweep of your closet and a little creative thinking.

We’ve got 7 foolproof, wow-the-crowd, costume ideas and we even created a little video to show you them all. You can thank us in Halloween candy.

And now in picture form with all the details.

fortune teller diy costume

For the girl who wishes her life was the Free People Instagram. Utilize all those loose fitting boho gems in your closet and be the most ethereal-y cool costume for Halloween – a fortune teller. Really play the part and learn how to palm read before the big night out.

What You’ll Need:

  • Lots of long and flowy layers – maxi skirts, shawls, tunics, oh my!
  • A colorful scarf to tie around your head as a turban.
  • Flat brown boots.
  • Lots and lots of layers of stone and gold jewelry. More is MORE in this situation.
  • A single gold earring – not sure why fortune tellers only ever wear one earring, but it’s more historically accurate that way.
  • The biggest shiny round thing you can get your hands on to be your “crystal ball” – we used a giant ornament.

gypsy halloween costume

fortune teller costume

fortune teller gypsy costume

diy gypsy costume


penny lane from almost famous halloween costume

Admit it – we all secretly have a groupie fantasy. But if we’re not one of the lucky few who get to live the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-bell-bottoms kind of life, at least a girl can pretend to be. Channel the coolest rock n’ roll chick there ever was and let your inner Penny Lane from Almost Famous fly free for a night.

What You’ll Need:

  • Bell bottoms – and lucky for you, they’re SO in this season.
  • A long brown coat with fur trim.
  • Rounded and reflective sunglasses.
  • Big curly hair.
  • A record to carry around all night.
  • An extensive knowledge of Led Zeppelin.

penny lane costume the lala

almost famous halloween costume

penny lane costume


hotline bling girl halloween costume

Easiest. Group. Costume. Ever.

Grab your gals, crank up the Hotline Bling and practice your best #DrakeCantDance moves. Bonus points for the friend who dresses as the water jug (raise your hand if you’re that friend).

What You’ll Need:

  • A bubblegum pink t-shirt. Yes, specifically bubblegum (or tickle me) pink.
  • High-waisted jeans… preferably light washed if you’ve got a pair.
  • Telephone headset. We found these at a dollar store – no joke. Okay, so they had dust on them but whatever #bargain.
  • Some BLING in the form of hoop earrings.
  • Killer moves.

hotline bling

hotline bling girl

hotline bling costume

hotline bling girl costume


pizza rat halloween costume

We have all been “pizza rat” at some point. You know… this little guy.

Desperate to get our dirty little paws on some hot, cheesy heaven in the form of a late-night slice. Upgrade your favorite groutfit with a piece of pizza the size of an English Mastiff and you’ve got yourself a shamelessly hungry rat costume.

What You’ll Need:

  • Gray on gray on gray. Sweatpants work great for all the “pizza dragging” you’ll be partaking in all evening long.
  • Pair of ears – AKA headband, construction paper, tape, #boom.
  • A GIANT piece of pizza. We painted white styrofoam with watercolor, then taped paper “pepperoni” circles to the styrofoam.
  •  Black eyeliner nose and whiskers.
  • A hell of an appetite.

pizza rat costume

nyc pizza rat costume

rat costume makeup

pizza rat diy costume


blair waldorf costume

You know you love her… and secretly want to be her. Everyone’s favorite Upper East Sider, miss Blair Waldorf. Grab yourself a Serena (basically a mix of the Fortune Teller and Penny Lane) and make it a BFF duo costume.

What You’ll Need:

  • White button down.
  • Blazer.
  • Plaid skirt.
  • Knee socks, or a pair of tights.
  • Your shiniest flats. Or a pair with bows. Yes, bows!
  • Icing on the cake. AKA the headband.
  • Schemes up your freshly dry-cleaned blazer sleeves.

blair waldorf costume the lala

blair waldorf gossip girl costume

blair waldorf halloween costume

blair waldorf costume gossip girl


diy unicorn halloween costume

For the girl who always had to have the box of 64 Crayola crayons, the newest Lisa Frank folders for back-to-school and an Art Stuff Club membership. You were made to be a unicorn. You ARE a unicorn.

What You’ll Need:

  • White bottoms and white sneakers if you’ve got those too.
  • The fluffiest white sweater/jacket/coat you own.
  • Hair chalk, or plain old artists chalk for rainbow hair – the defining feature of all unicorns. IMPORTANT: don’t use oil-based pastels, you’ll stain your hair. TIP: wet the chalk before using on your hair for a more pigmented look.
  • Rainbow eyeshadow and a bright lipstick. Let’s get Wet n’ Wild.
  • The horn. We made ours out of a paper towel roll, a white sock, a headband, and glue… all things you actually probably have lying around.

unicorn horn supplies

unicorn horn directions

Cut the roll, and fold one end in to create a cone shape. Tape in place.

unicorn horn directions 2

Place a white sock over the cone, tuck the excess sock up into the cone, and twist the sock creating a “swirly” look.

unicorn horn instructions 3

Use a strong glue or a hot glue gun to glue your horn onto a headband.

unicorn costume

unicorn makeup

unicorn diy halloween costume

unicorn halloween costume


amy poehler at the emmys costume

Easiest costume ever. And because Amy is queen. And Amy Poehler at the Emmys is all of us.

What You’ll Need:

  • Hoodie.
  • Aviators.
  • Various large gold rings.
  • Gum to chew to give you that “I don’t give a f*^%” look.
  • Hella ‘tude.

amy poehler halloween costume

Happy Halloween everyone! Make sure to share your costumes with us on Instagram and tag @followthelala.

Photos and video footage by Molly Longest and Anna Thetard

last minute halloween costumes you already have in your closet

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