9 Looks For Every Type of Summer Concert

Don’t know what to wear to your next big concert? Don’t reach for those flower crowns, crop tops, and booty shorts just yet. Because who says we all have to look the same at concerts? Personal style trumps trends anyday, so we decided to create nine unique outfits for nine different types of concerts. We created this genre-by-genre concert style guide to inspire your outfit for your next big summer concert or music festival.

Boy Band 

The Lala Concert Photoshoot-0003

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The Lala Concert Photoshoot-0004

Dress: Forever 21, Hat: Forever 21, Shoes: DSW, Silver Bracelet/necklace: Tiffany & Co, Watch: Michael Kors.

Cat drew inspiration from our favorite British boy band, 1D for her look. The black and white adds a more grownup twist to the “boy band” look while the floppy hat echoes the fun, playful qualities of the genre. You’ll stand out from the sea of 12 year olds at any boy band show.


View More: http://ariannamariephotography.pass.us/thelalasummer

View More: http://ariannamariephotography.pass.us/thelalasummer

View More: http://ariannamariephotography.pass.us/thelalasummer

Top: Forever 21, Pants: J.Crew, Heels: Target, Purse: Rebecca Minkoff.

You can’t head to a diva concert without a little bit (read: A LOT) of glitter. Cassie nailed this diva look from the sparkly top to the black heels to the matching gold chain on her purse. This is an effortless, comfortable way to rock the diva look.  Beyonce would be jealous.


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The Lala Concert Photoshoot-0051

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T-shirt dress: Forever 21, Sparkle tights: Charming Charlie’s, Shoes: Macy’s, Bag: Kohl’s.

For this EDM look, Alexa chose a nightie-turned-tshirt dress. The “I just need a quick nap” phrase  makes an ironic statement, while the glittery tights are a nod to the dance-y qualities of the genre. The outfit is tied together with classic white Keds, keeping you comfy so you can rave all night.

Formal (Orchestra/Jazz)

The Lala Concert Photoshoot-0020

View More: http://ariannamariephotography.pass.us/thelalasummer

View More: http://ariannamariephotography.pass.us/thelalasummer

Pink Dress: Lauren James, Pearl Earrings: Target, Gold Heels: J.Crew.

Throw away your LBD and add a pop of color to your night at the opera. For a truly unique formal concert look, Hannah wore a pink Lauren James dress with an intricate back. Because who said you can only wear dark colors to the orchestra? You’ll be sure to stand out at any black tie only show.


The Lala Concert Photoshoot-0014

The Lala Concert Photoshoot-0016

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Scarf: Bergner’s, Crop top: Free People, Pants: Target, Black platform shoes: gojane.com, Earrings: Target.

Bekah keeps it simple in her all black indie outfit, but her accessories tell a different story. Her colorful headscarf, armful of bracelets, and bright makeup add a dash of unexpected cheerfulness. These platform shoes will come in handy when you’re trying to see the stage over packed, general admission crowds at an indie show.

Music Festival




Dress: Pacsun, Kimono: Forever 21, Head piece : Forever 21, Shoes : Windsor, Rings: Forever 21.

Music fests are a hippie’s dream. So keeping that in mind, Arianna found inspiration in bohemian styles. To keep her look one-of-a-kind, she traded a flower crown for a beaded headpiece and the crop top/high-waisted shorts combo for a flowy dress and kimono.


The Lala Concert Photoshoot-0046

View More: http://ariannamariephotography.pass.us/thelalasummer

The Lala Concert Photoshoot-0045

Dress: Dotti, Shoes: Sam Edelman.

Niki’s pop look screams fun. This outfit is all in the colors. Red lips, bright jewelry, and classic summer sandals make this the perfect combination of comfortable and cute. And this neon yellow dress is sure to pop against any crowd.


The Lala Concert Photoshoot-0044

The Lala Concert Photoshoot-0027

The Lala Concert Photoshoot-0036

Blue tank: Forever 21, Striped jacket: h&m, Skirt: h&m, Chained Booties: Forever 21, Necklace: Express.

Alexis mixed prints to capture the urban tones of the genre. The blousy top softens up the edginess of the outfit, creating a uniquely feminine rap look.


The Lala Concert Photoshoot-0055

The Lala Concert Photoshoot-0009

The Lala Concert Photoshoot-0054

Tank top: PacSun, Shorts: Charlotte Russe, Flannel: Abercrombie & Fitch, Shoes: Journeys.

Alison went with a classic rocker look complete with a Stones tank, denim, and flannel. This look captures that old school rock feel, while also keeping it modern with the crop top.

Photography by Arianna Torres, Cassie Howard, and Alexa Goins

Alexa Goins

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