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the Lala Marketing & PR Rep Bio: Chloe Dolores-McDonald

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Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

School: Indiana University

Major/Minor: Apparel Merchandising & Business minor

Her heart belongs to: singing & dancing, her bf & bffs, grapes, strawberry acai refreshers, shoes, long car rides & Sam Smith

Take her away to: Cali & Florence, Italy

Her guilty pleasures: stalking Jaclyn Hill on snapchat, religiously watching KUWTK & jamming to old school Backstreet Boys

You can find her: shopping at Target or having a mental breakdown in the library

Chloe Dolores-McDonald

Our team of 300 Marketing & PR Reps spans over 150 college campuses and they are the driving force behind spreading our positive media mission to as many college women as possible. We think they’re pretty kickass.

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