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Up-and-coming artist Life of Dillon is slowly making their way into the hearts of the nation.  The UK boy band, which we interviewed back in April, consists of brothers Joe and Rob and their friend David. They have been on tour with Meghan Trainor and recently released their EP. Their acoustic-house tunes with a hint of pop have been getting stuck in our heads for days.

Their latest single “Dreams” is about inspiring you to chase your dreams with the lyrics ‘If your dreams don’t scare you they ain’t big enough.’

This past week were going to see the boys in action at the Indiana State Fair, but, unfortunately, the show got cancelled due to Meghan Trainor getting bronchitis (we wish you a speedy recovery, Meghan!). But we still had the opportunity to catch up with them since their last Lala interview, and here’s what they had to say:

How are you guys liking the States so far?

Joe: We love the states, to be honest, we never did too much back in England. We just made music all the time in the studio. Really like this is the first kind of time we’ve been able to go somewhere we haven’t been before and really explore the place for more than like a holiday that’s like two weeks. You know, we’ve been out in America for nearly three months now. Yeah, we love it.

Have you guys tried any American foods? Like fried Oreos or anything?

David: Oh yeah we had fried Oreos. Joe tried a fried Snickers, which was one step too far for me probably.

Joe: I had the fried Oreos. I had the one just to check it out, and then I had to buy like ten more because they were so good.

For everyone who doesn’t know, would you guys introduce yourselves and give us a brief background of your group and how you came together?

Joe: Yeah so, Life of Dillon is two brothers and a friend. Me and Robert have been making music since we were kids. Our mother supported us, and from a very young age we were either producing or performing in talent shows or you know just in music one way or another.

Eight years ago I met David at boarding school and again what we had in common was music. We used to stay behind after class and write songs and did a few gigs in local pubs and stuff and later on that year I took him to London to meet Robert because we all had our very separate lanes. I was very much a singer, David was much of a guitarist, and Robert was a producer and we all had a skill that we could bring together, so that’s what we ended up doing for the past.

Over that time we built chemistry where we all know what space to give each other when we’re in the studio, learning a little bit of other people’s skills you know? I guess that’s it. We love making music. We’ve been doing it for pretty much our whole lives. Now we’re well on the road with Meghan Trainor. We have a couple weeks left in America so just loving life right now.

You’ve said in other interviews that you just recently decided to start making music professionally and it sort of took off really fast. What was the process of you guys landing a recording contract?

David: It kind of came about a year ago right now actually; we were kind of at this crossroad where I was living with the guys in their mum’s house. She kind of realized that we were just making music and not really doing anything else with our lives and she was like ‘look guys you need to get out, get real jobs’. That kind of pushed us and motivated us to post music online and reach out to managements and kind of lose that fear of putting something online. We thought someone was going to steal our music or steal a melody or steal a hook. We just kind of reached out in a final desperate attempt, and in doing that we came across this guy Adam Alpher who manages the Chain Smokers, and obviously they have been very successful and still are.

Adam had just founded a joint venture with Doug Morris from Sony Music Entertainment, and so about a month later after meeting us, seeing our music, and getting to know us, he offered us a record deal and me and Joe a publishing deal. Robert already had a publishing deal with Sony in the UK. Three months later we signed a record deal, and about a month ago Joe and I signed a publishing deal as writers, and here we are so you know it was all right timing right place.

You know you can have a lot of music, you can have great songs, but if you never meet the right people that can push your stuff that makes it very difficult and we were extremely fortunate to have been prepared enough when we met Adam. It just kind of worked out very easily.

Your music is so catchy. What is your inspiration for writing music and what’s the writing process like?

Rob: Well the funny thing is, we all have different taste in music. David is very much the country guy, he loves country music, Joe loves R&B and I’m more of the electronics and EDM kind of guy, so it’s kind of like when those three tastes come together it forms the sound that we have now. It’s kind of like the four on the floor with acoustic elements and EDM elements with vocals on top of it; you know it just kind of all works out really nice. So yeah it’s just a case of bringing all our tastes together.

David: Every time we make a new song we don’t like to restrict ourselves or have boundaries. We’re into kind of country music and R&B and hip hop music and stuff like that, but we’re open to everything. You know if it sounds good, and if it’s catchy.

Joe: A lot of our music, when it comes down to it, it’s all about becoming successful and chasing your dreams and making that a reality, and I think that just comes from real life. We worked in music for so long and just wanted to be successful in it because being broke isn’t fun, and we’d been broke for a very long time. My older brother was actually quite successful in the UK at a point, and we had seen what that was like to be a successful musician, and it was great. I think we all just wanted that so much and it reflects in some of the lyrical content of our music.

So in your new single “Dreams” you say ‘If your dreams don’t scare you they ain’t big enough’. What dreams do you have right now that scare you, but at the same time you really want to come true?

David: I think being an artist is actually quite scary because you never know when things are going to take a turn for the worst. You hear so many stories of artists having careers that go sky high and then a few months later you don’t hear about them and you never hear about them again. It becomes, not a worry, but you’re just on edge a lot of the time and you know if you work hard and if you persevere with what you want, you’re likely to achieve it as some point. In terms of things, you know I’d love to skydive by myself.

Joe: I mean yeah you know as David said the industry is very temperamental. Like we found out this morning we were on tour, and now it’s not on tour again. Things change very quickly you never know what to expect.

Check out Life of Dillon’s EP Prologue, and their latest single “Dreams” on iTunes now.

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