the Lala Editorial Contributor Bio: Lauren Osborne

Hometown: Hilton Head Island, SC

School: Fordham University, Lincoln Center

Major: Communications and Media Studies 

Her heart belongs to: Fleetwood Macavocadosbitterly black coffee, musky candlesand intellectual conversations

Take her away to: a cabin in the woods where everyone wears flannel and only leaves the campfire to  make pancakes

Her guilty pleasures: Meryl Streep’s Mamma Miaspending rent money on pretty lingerie

You can find her: in downward facing dog, speaking gibberish at cute dogs on the streetreading a nerdy health book, or with a glass of vino rosso in her hand while cackling at someone funny’s standup special

Lauren Osborne

Lauren Osborne

Editorial Contributor, Fordham University Major: Communications and Media Studies Her heart belongs to: Fleetwood Mac, avocados, bitterly black coffee, musky candles, and intellectual conversations You can find her: in downward facing dog, speaking gibberish at dogs on the street, reading a nerdy health book, or with a glass of vino rosso in her hand while cackling at someone funny's standup special

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