the Lala + Adobe: How to Create a Phone Case Using Adobe Photoshop

We deem this school year the year of risk-taking, self-teaching and finally crossing all your goals off your college bucket list. Never learned how to drive stick? Do it. Never taught yourself French? Try it. Want to learn Photoshop and become a web design wizard? That’s why we’re here.

Design programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign aren’t just for photography and graphic design majors though. They can be utilized for DIY projects galore, school assignments and professional development. And with the new Adobe Creative Cloud, you can get access to dozens of Adobe software programs for only $19.99 a month. No, seriously, $19.99 for creative application magic. Get your free trial here.

Chances are you’ve felt a little intimidated about learning a graphic design program, and these days knowing aspects of design can take you a long way. To show you how awesome Adobe programs are, we’re sharing with you a simple DIY we created using Adobe Photoshop. Check out our instructional video for complete steps and let’s #MakeThis!


the lala and adobe

The Steps

Pick a Prop: For our phone case we decided to put together a photo shoot – plus we wanted an excuse to channel our inner, sprinkle-loving, elementary school kid. This step is optional and you can always just use an existing picture you’ve taken or pull an image from the Internet or Pinterest.


ice cream

snap some pictures

ice cream cone

Design and assemble time: watch our instructional video to see our step-by-step guide of how edit your picture and add text to it to create a one-of-a-kind design in Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop, then how to assemble your case. The templates we use in the video are downloadable through the links below. If you have a phone other than an iPhone, chances are you can find a template online for your phone, just make sure it is a “vector” image.

iPhone 4S

iPhone 5

Hint: because the video moves fast, we recommend pausing between each step as you’re learning.

finished product

Make a bunch: the great thing about this DIY is that the possibilities are endless. We threw together a couple other designs as examples.

make more designs

more designs

Here are some other ideas on how you can utilize different images and designs:

  • Show some school spirit and make one with your school logo or mascot to sport on game days.
  • Have a big club event coming up? Create a phone case flyer. It’ll definitely get people talking.
  • Step aside BFF bracelets. Make matching phone cases for your best group of girlfriends.
  • Surprise your roomie and switch her phone case when she’s not looking with a sweet note or favorite quote of hers.
  • Working towards saving up for a special trip or study abroad? Make a case with a picture of your dream destination for a constant little reminder to save up.

Make sure to check out the Adobe Creative Cloud for students to have access to their free trial. With all the gorgeous DIYs you’ll be making, it’ll practically pay for itself. Want to see what other people have done with Adobe products? #MakeThis


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