Kick Back With Frontier Ruckus

Welcome Frontier Ruckus, a band from Michigan with a sound you need the word “twangy” to describe. The band started while Matthew Milia, David Winston Jones, and Eli Eisman attended high school, and continued to grow as they went to different colleges. After some additions and subtractions, the now four-piece band is still creating folky music that makes us feel like wearing baggy plaid shirts and having our hair fly out the window on a road trip.

The sound comes from instruments that are normally connected with country music (think banjos and horns) and is complimented by stream-of-consciousness styled lyrics. Milia, vocalist, writes ballads full of 90’s nostalgia that keep the listener engaged with emotion soaked sentence fragments. Frontier Ruckus brings a casual aesthetic to the stage, for example: their recent The Living Room tour. They booked shows at literal living rooms and then hung out with fans afterwards. Chilling with super cool musicians? A.k.a., the dream life.

Need some lyrical comfort? Listen to Eyelashes. Too many tests in one day and the campus coffee shop ran out of caramel syrup? Pull up Dark Autumn Hour. It’s the perfect time to put on that favorite old sweater, slip your headphones on, and relax in sun while listening to Frontier Ruckus. 


Alyssa Driscoll

Editorial Contributor, Asbury University Major: Media Communications, French, Graphic Design Her heart belongs to: Exploring switzerland on my bike, This Feels Terrible podcast, speaking french, chia seeds, and protecting sharks. Her guilty pleasures: cupcakes and diet coke, getting cacti from Home Depot, buying music for the album art, reminiscing on the early 2000'sand thinking about kittens.

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