The Key To College Success? Explore. Everything.

In college, there are two types of women. First, you have the friend who is goal-oriented, knows what she wants out of her life and is just searching for the “answer key” to guaranteed success. Next to her, you have your other girlfriend, the que sera sera girl, who explores her interests without fear.

At my school, I am surrounded by the goal-oriented, the students who show up knowing their major, their future career, and plan on only taking the steps they need to in order to reach that goal. It seems rare that I meet someone who comes to college ready to put all expectations aside to focus on learning to simply learn and explore different interests before deciding on a major.

Guilty! I admit it. I make my semester schedules with my four-year-plan as my priority, with little intention of testing the waters of my school’s art, science, or even communications department. Why am I too scared to explore and see what else is out there?

This seems to be the trend amongst college students lately. We are trained to set our goals and figure out the steps we need to take to reach them. Even for certain programs, it is difficult for students to take their first year to sample a wide-range of courses because it sets them back in prerequisite requirements. You only have four years to earn your major, network with the right people, and find the best internships, they say.

Hold up there. I only have four years to meet amazing people, test my limits, and experience young spontaneous life before it gets significantly more demanding, binding, and less exploratory?

Obviously, we can’t spend our four years just exploring, but is it possible to stay on track with our goals, while stepping out of our comfort zone? It might be possible, but is it too difficult and unmanageable? Seeing that so many students get on the path to their major so quickly, it makes me wonder if que sera sera is rapidly becoming outdated.

Universities around the country have more offerings than what our parents ever could have imagined. They are there for us to utilize for learning and exploration, to get our hands a little dirty. We have a million outlets to discover ourselves. We will miss out if we don’t take advantage of it now.

I encourage you to take a second look at your schedule for next semester. Are you a girl who plays by the books or a que sera sera girl? If you have the space in your schedule to squeeze in that one class you have always wanted to take but it didn’t satisfy requirements for your major, go ahead and enroll. College is the time to sample the world in front of you. Don’t freak out about the real world just yet. Let life take the reigns; que sera sera.


Andi Heffez

Contributor, The George Washington University Major: International Affairs Her heart belongs to: ice cream, miniature schnauzers, shaken unsweetened green tea, Deva Curl, and long FaceTime sessions with my sisters Her guilty pleasures: drinking out of my America's Next Top Model mug and quoting Desperate Housewives

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