JoJo’s Back: 5 Reasons We’re So Excited

Despite conflicts with her record label, JoJo is back at it, and we couldn’t be more excited. Growing up, we loved listening to JoJo’s powerful and honest songs with our best friends. Now, at the age of 24, JoJo recently released three new singles: “Say Love,” “Save My Soul,” and “When Love Hurts.”

Here are five reasons why we’re pretty pumped for the full album. 

1. We can play it on repeat without asking our BFFs to burn a CD for us

We can listen to JoJo’s songs without waiting impatiently for our BFF to burn the CD for us (come on, we all know it only takes a minute to burn a CD, what’s the hold up?) Back in our elementary and middle school days, we had to listen to JoJo mostly in our CD players, and maybe on our MP3 players if we were lucky. Now, our time spent blasting JoJo’s music has no limits.

2. She taught us how to be upfront (Get out…Leave…)

This song taught us not to put up with any shit: “Tell me why you’re looking so confused when I’m the one who didn’t know the truth.” Tell me this still doesn’t sound extremely familiar. You probably dealt with someone exactly like this two weeks ago. Or last weekend. Or yesterday. Over 10 years have passed since this song came out; some things never really change. JoJo knows how to make her songs relatable. Plus, she tells it like it is, which is obviously a major plus.

3. She doesn’t put up with double standards

Though “Not That Kind of Girl” might not be up to par with modern feminism (to give her credit though, she was 13 ), she still makes it clear that she doesn’t care what a guy thinks of her outfit and that it’s not fair for a guy to tell her she’s staying out too late. Think of how much you’ve grown since age 13. With this kind of knowledge and spunk in 2004, surely JoJo’s new songs will be smart and heartfelt. 

4. She was our soul sister (and still is)

JoJo was actually around your age. She just got you. Chances are, she still does. She’s making a comeback at the young age of 24; surely, she still understands how we feel, and she can express that much more soulfully than we ever could.

5. We’d be lying if we said it’s too little too late to see her perform

Your 13-year-old self would have loved to see JoJo perform live. Can you honestly say your 22-year-old self feels any differently?

We didn’t think so.

Paige Sheffield

Editorial Contributor Her heart belongs to:Animals, mini skirts, chickpeas, feminist rants and live music You can find her:Running out of pages in her passport and searching for the coolest coffee shop in every city she visits

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