Insta-Famous, Instantly: 5 Tips And Tricks For Instagram Stardom

Let’s be honest — not all of us are professional photographers. But don’t worry, because we’ve found the five tips and tricks you’ll need to become the crème de la crème of the Insta world.  After this tutorial, in addition to improving your photography skills, you will also gain mad respect from your elders based on your superb social media capabilities. Ditch your milkshake, Lala lovelies, because your Instagram is going to bring all the boys to the yard.

But be prepared; you’re about to have more online admirers than Taylor Swift’s cat.


“Time is money,” says an insta-famous girl who actually makes money off of her instagram. This is a crucial step in attaining the mountain of ‘likes’ you undoubtedly deserve. Here are the ideal posting times:

– Mornings, between 8-10 a.m. for all those people claiming they don’t spend the first 40-minutes of their morning browsing the Internet

– The highly anticipated lunch break between 11-1 p.m. when people get a time to unwind and chow down

– The big bang between 9-12 a.m. when every human on this planet glances, peaks, or scans their mobile device before heading to bed.

– Sunday brunch time between 9 a.m.-1 p.m. when gal pals flock to the mimosas and dish on all that went down Saturday night… Even if that meant wine & Netflix marathons with their cats.



Sometimes the “Célfie” camera just doesn’t cut it. Not all of us own a Nikon or a Canon, but thankfully we have other options!

– The little iPhone that could: The key here is sunlight. iPhones’ back-facing camera churns out some stellar photos when they are doused in sunlight. When you want a clear picture, have a friend take the picture, use a timer, or be “that” girl and buy a selfie stick. (You’ll get the final laugh when your insta lands on the Popular page).

– Feelin’ artsy? Buy a Polaroid 300! Taking pictures of polaroids with your phone, after all, is super trendy. If clunky polaroid cameras aren’t your thing, you should buy afterlight, an app that gives you the option of a polaroid frame.

– Let’s take a trip back to the 90s and bring out the disposable cameras! These photos will turn out surprisingly awesome; just make sure to order a picture CD when you get them developed if you don’t have a scanner.

– If you’re more serious about refining your photography skillset, think about splurging on a beginner camera, such as a Nikon D3100 or a Canon SX400 PowerShot. These cameras are easy to use and produce great quality pictures.


Hashtags are like the Dewey Decimal of the Internet. If you’re looking for anything, (#coffee #foodporn #theguyfromangusthongsandperfectsnogging), look up a hashtag and you’ll find a plethora of interesting things.

– Tag simple yet relevant words (#inspiration, #summer, etc.)

– Leave all your tags as a comment so your clever caption can stand on its own


Follow Other Insta-Addicts

Who you follow can drastically impact your Instagram notoriety. In addition to following your closest homies, school mates, colleagues, family, enemies, and frienemies *gasps for air*, choose a few worthwhile accounts and mix them in.

– Try joining any community that’s loyal and exciting: people always follow each other when they have something in common

– Follow a bunch of local, start-up or large companies: you never know who’s willing to reblog a photo that shows one of their products or services

– Go on a following spree: everyone secretly desires ‘likes’, making them just as motivated to follow you back


HOLD UP. GRAB THE WALL. This, my fellow Lala lovelies, is the most important step in gaining followers, having quality pictures, and attracting the envy of your peers. Not all photos need filters, but if you’re feeling risky or just want to enhance your photos, here are some cool filter apps.

– VSCOcam offers endless filter options, a library to store your pictures, and an editing section that is almost photoshop quality

– Afterlight has multiple filters, some that create a vintage look and others that add light streaks and object overlays

– Whitagram or Pic Stitch are both fantastic if you’re looking to add a border or create a collage of photos


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