How To Handle A Love/Hate Relationship With Your “Big Girl” Job

It’s that time of the day again, the lull in the afternoon where you pull out your phone and glance through beach pictures on Facebook. You’re stuck at work, wedged in a cubicle, pondering why you decided to take on a “Big Girl” job and give up your summer. We can answer that for you: because you’re smart and ambitious. Come to terms with your battle between heart and head…

1. Keep Calm & Organize—Deep breaths; you’re incredible. Don’t ever forget it. Settle in with a warm mug of coffee and dive into your work. Setting goals for what you need to accomplish will ease the stress and increase your productivity.

2. Remember D& V (Detox and Ventilate)—Detox; start off by removing yourself from work completely. Take a day at the beach with your best girl friends or spoil yourself with a mani/pedi..anything to forget about the office. And Ventilate; sometimes you just need to talk it out. Whether it’s to your best friend or your dog, find a way to let it all go.

3. Realize your Responsibility & Seize it—Don’t just go through the motions, surpass expectations by showing your boss what you are truly capable of. They didn’t pick you for this job because they thought you were average; they picked you because they knew you had the potential to do great.

4. Do it for YOU—We’re sure once you forget about all the drab Mondays and cranky coworkers that there is a reason why you enjoyed this job in the first place. Take a minute to recall what it is that makes you happy to be there and apply it each day when you come into work.

5. Document It—Make it fun! Even if you are crunching numbers or running errands keep a blog or journal about your experience. Make it YOUR story..who knows it might become a bestseller someday!

Alana Gleason

Contributor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Major: Advertising Her heart belongs to: Strawberries, Fall Out Boy, ice hockey, fall bonfires, crafting, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Disney World. You can find her: Writing, crafting, Pinteresting, at the pool, or driving around town to Kesha.

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