10 Reasons Why Your Hometown Friends Get You Better Than Anyone Else

Being back in your childhood bedroom, hanging out with Mom and Dad and showering without flip flops are all magical perks of being home on summer break. But nothing is more special than being back with the people who truly make home, home. 

We’ve all made friendships throughout college we know will last a lifetime, but there are few people who compare to the ones you’ve known forever: Your hometown friends. Through homecoming pep rallies, driving tests and broken hearts, they’ve grown up with you and been with you through it all. Here’s why those special few know you better than anyone else:

  1. You can confidently say that you and your friends have at least been on one team together. Whether it was little league, high school cheerleading or dance classes, you and your friends carpooled together, made costumes together, and did everything the team required, together.
  2. They were that break from the day in high school. In between classes, you would text your friends, meet up in the hallway and discuss your after-school plans, making the day a little less miserable.
  3. They remember your first, real, breakup. Just when you thought the world was over and your heart was broken forever, your friends were there to pick you back up. And now look at you! Boy, please.
  4. You spent your Friday nights at their houses, doing nothing but having a blast. Ordering pizza, planning your football jersey for the big Saturday game, or just watching hours of bad TV– you didn’t have to do anything special to have an awesome time. Just being there was enough.
  5. You basically lived at their place. You helped yourself to the refrigerator, slept over for multiple nights in a row and even considered yourself “part of the family.” Now that you’re on break, consider yourself back. It may not be for long, but the sense of feeling like you never left will come rushing over you.
  6. You have enough embarrassing photos to last a lifetime. And yes, you’ve already talked about bringing them up at the worst time possible. Hello, wedding day.
  7. You have endless inside jokes. As in, there should probably be a reality show based off of your friendship. You know those lonely days at college, when texting your hometown girls a funny past memory literally makes you laugh out loud in class? That’s something only your hometown friends truly get.
  8. As much we don’t like to admit it, they’ve seen it all.  After all, they did grow up with you. They’ve seen the failed tests, the broken hearts, the “holy, crap, I just got my first speeding ticket” moments of life– yet, regardless, they always refer to you as the beautiful, independent and confident woman you truly are.
  9. You pick up, right where you left off. Maybe you moved 3,000 miles away to school, maybe you didn’t talk with each other nearly as much as you should’ve the past 3 months and maybe you’ve come back a changed, more open-eyed version of yourself– it doesn’t matter. The second you see your girls, it’s like you never skipped a beat.
  10.  Most importantly, no matter who you meet on your college journey, they are the people who mean the most to you. Afterall, aren’t best friends the family we choose?

Summer is that fraction of the year that can actually make your entire year. You get to be yourself again, have that satisfying feeling of homey comfort and you get to be surrounded by the people that know you best. Use this time to create new memories, laugh until your stomach hurts and take in every second you’re given with those people that are, and always will be, a part of you.

Allie DeBor

Contributor, Penn State Major: Public Relations Her heart belongs to: her basset hound, Ruby You can find her: reading up on the most recent blog posts on WhoWhatWear, laughing with friends over Penn State Pokey Stix, or writing anything and everything she thinks of

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