Holiday Hostess Tray

Two thousand fifteen is upon us, which means New Years Eve parties and all of their snacking! Whether you are throwing your own champagne shindig or attending a get together at your friend’s house, you will need to make some yummy food to ring in the new year! If you are like me, I always try to make clever, delicious, wallet-friendly hors d’oeuvres and find a cute way to present them. So I ventured out to Hobby Lobby, craft heaven, hoping something would spark my interest for a New Years Eve hostess gift and appetizer all in one! This festive holiday hostess tray should be the talk of the party, even before the ball drops!

holiday tray blank

I found this wooden serving tray for only $7.00, which was a steal! If you don’t have any luck at the craft store, you can also use a cookie sheet that you can find at the dollar store. Make sure to clean it well to get all of the dirt and dust off of it or it will not hold the paint.

chalkboard paint

Spray the tray with Chalkboard paint that you can get at any craft or home improvement store. Put at least two coats on it to make sure it adheres to the surface. Let it dry for 24 hours before writing on it with chalk.

holiday tray whole

Find any kind of cute, small dishes to put the food in; get creative with shapes and colors! Then use a piece of chalk to make cute little labels for each dish of dip, crackers, veggies, etc. This tray would also be great for an ice cream sundae bar, taco bar, pizza topping bar, the list is endless! When you are done, just erase the words for your next party food! If you are giving this as a hostess gift, you can wrap it with a nice big ribbon and use the chalk to write some sort of message to the party throwers! Happy New Year!

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