Hey Lil Jon, #STFU: A College Girl’s Response To Your New Music Video

First off, before we dig into the dirty deats about what makes this video so terrible, see how much of it you can actually watch stand.

Literally I can’t…believe they came out with a song more annoying than #SELFIE but Play-N-Skillz (cool name, was it hard to come up with???) just broke the record for most ears melted by one chorus—and most women offended. As if trying to pass off the low-quality audible junk that is this song wasn’t offensive enough, the video classifies women into two groups: those who turn down vodka and tequila shots, and girl-on-girl make out sessions, and those who don’t.

The girls who don’t throw themselves at the STFU frat boys are represented by skinny, sorority girls repeating the phrase “literally I can’t.” I don’t need to explain to you where the reference comes from. The phrase has a negative connotation and is usually associated with the “basic white girl” stereotype.

So if I don’t want you to buy me a drink or to grind on me, then I’m schlumped into a group of snobby girls who are too uptight to party? I guess I should be one of the party girls then?

Oh no wait, the party girls aren’t safe either. Apparently, if I start doing something crazy Redfoo will “Instagram” me. The scary part is, this isn’t just part of the song. These things actually happen on college campuses. My own school has a notorious twitter account where pictures of students making out are submitted.  In the past year every girl has become conscious of lurking cell phones when she’s out at the bar. Major buzz kill, but if I don’t want to get caught on camera then I should “shut the fuck up?”

Thanks for all these sexist notions Play-N-Skillz, but maybe someone should tell you to shut the fuck up and read the news. Today a Brown University student tested positive for a popular date-rape drug after attending a frat party. So was she a party girl who “had it coming,” or was she a “literally I can’t” snob who had to be drugged in order to comply?

It’s hard to point fingers here. It’s not like all guys sing about getting low or bending over (hi Lil Jon,) but every girl has run into that obnoxious guy at the bar. If I say no, I’m not trying to be a bitch; I’m just not interested.  Girls like to have just as much fun as guys, but do guys have to worry about being labeled as a “prude” or a “slut?” No. Just when you think they’re starting to learn, bad rap videos and frats with bad raps stir things up again.

Alyssa Fiorentino

Contributor, Fordham University Major: Communications & Media Studies Her heart belongs to: vintage pop culture, day dreaming, and crop tops Her guilty pleasures: mirror selfies and Austin Mahone

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