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I couldn’t tell you how many makeup tutorials I’ve watched, and I wouldn’t be lying if I said they’ve taught me everything I know. They’ve shown me what brushes to use and how, what products to avoid and which to buy, and what contouring and highlighting even is.

I even remember watching a grainy video of Kim Kardashian contouring in her kitchen — that’s how badly I wanted to know. And up until a few months back, Kim K has been my contour and highlighting idol, (along with the rest of the world.)

That is, until I saw Ania Milczarczyk in my feed.


Milczarczyk, an Australian makeup artist with 75,000 Instagram followers (#goals), has undoubtedly been reposted thousands of times. Enough times to make it to Kylie Jenner’s page, and certainly enough to be dubbed the ‘Queen of Highlight.’

And look, I’m no expert, but her technique struck me as far easier than swiping sheeny gloss all over my cheekbones and forehead. It seemed like a great way to make myself look shiny, healthy and youthful (20 hit me fast, y’all) effortlessly.

The only catch was finding the right makeup highlighter. And according to an interview with Milczarczyk on Wilddarts Beauty, Giorgio Armani’s Belladonna Palette and MAC Limited Edition Mineralise Skinfinish in Perfect Topping are her go-to choices. Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 7.22.16 PM

But if you ask me, you don’t have to drop a stack at the cosmetic counter to get a good highlighting product. Any decent highlighter will do the trick, even a gold or champagne eyeshadow. You just have to know what works for you and where to put it.

Milczarczyk shared her highlight point secrets on Instagram a few weeks ago, citing the inner eye, brows, tip of the nose, and cupids bow as key points to hit.

“Highlighting your chin, forehead and anywhere near the nose (except for the actual tip of the nose itself) will make you look sweaty and oily,” Milczarczyk said in her Instagram caption. “Besides the point of the nose, cupids bow on the lip and the inner corners of the eye, I would never highlight anywhere down the middle of the face.”

So tomorrow morning, sweep some glimmer on your cheekbones and the tip of your nose. Walk around town like a glowing summer goddess. Proceed to get scouted as a runway supermodel. Blind small children with your effortless glow.

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