This Adult Summer Camp Is What Dreams Are Made Of

No, you’re not dreaming. Yes, this is real.

The first founders of Camp Wandawega, a little Wisconsin getaway with a big history, have always believed that adults should be able to have summer fun too and they’ve been sticking by that since 1925. Well, to be honest, the real reason Camp Wandawega existed was to secretly drink in the woods of Wisconsin during prohibition. You know, prostitution, alcohol, and gambling– the whole thing. Through the years, it’s served as a home for a series of different camps and now it’s been taken over by a past camper, David, and his wife, Tereasa.

From fishing to bonfires- Camp Wandawega offers the classic American summertime camp activities that we all grew up with. Instead of turning the camp into “cookie cutter lake houses”, the couple has worked hard to preserve its history and timeless touch. The best part? You get all of the fun summer nostalgia but in really, really, really gorgeous accommodations. And the extra added bonus is that you’ll be able to hang out with similar, cool, like-minded people. (PS: Kids are invited too.)

If camping isn’t your thing, this couple’s story will be. The owners are the textbook definition of #relationshipgoals:

By day, Tereasa is a Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather. In her spare time, she’s an author, a stylist, a contributing editor and a flea market junkie. David is an Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy and founder of The Royal Order of Experience Design. An avid preservationist, he also serves on the board of the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust. When David and Tereasa aren’t fixing up old buildings, they can be found rescuing old cars, trucks, boats and trailers. Breathing new life into other people’s unwanted stuff is kind of a thing for them. — Our Story,

Just two questions. 1.) How can I be them? 2.) Who’s willing to road trip from NYC to Wisconsin with me? I want to go to here.

For more information check out the Camp Wandawega website and adorable blog.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 9.45.37 AM

Tereasa and David with their daughter and dog.

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