Our Gulf Shores Weekend At Hangout Fest

What do you get when you combine the beach, some of the most talented acts in music and southern hospitality? The most chill music festival you’ll ever attend – Hangout Fest.

Our trip to Gulf Shores for Hangout Fest kicked off a three-part music festival partnership with HomeAway we’re calling #lalahomeawayfest. This summer we’ll be heading to three different music festivals in three different cities, staying in a HomeAway rental for each, and sharing our experiences from feel of the cities, to the musical performances, to the festival food and fashion.

And we truly love staying in a home rental rather than a hotel. You get so much more bang for your buck, you can fit more people in one place, you can cook together (which also saves money) and it’s just an all around more relaxing and comforting place to come back to.

Here’s a little recap of our Hangout Fest experience.

The ideal HomeAway rental we stayed in for the weekend.

HomeAway 2

Because the festival was 11 am to 11 pm and we were right down the beach from it, we spent many mornings and evenings hanging out on this perfect little porch that looked out onto the ocean.



We also spent one morning having an impromptu photo shoot on the porch in our Show Me Your Mumu outfits, our official clothing sponsor for the festival.

Hangout Fest Outfit 1

(image via Lulu Dropo)

Hangout Fest Outfit 2

Hangout outfit 8

Mumu Polaroid 3

Hangout outfit 7

And now for the festival

We think this video captures the vibe of the festival so well.


(image via Lulu Dropo)

No festival is complete without a ferris wheel right? And how cool are the pools in the VIP section? You could literally sit in a pool and watch Florence + The Machine perform. They were perfect for the hot Alabama days.


(image via Lulu Dropo)


When we say the festival was right on the beach, we mean it.


(image via Lulu Dropo)


During shows, the Hangout staff would throw giant inflatables into the crowd and it was so fun.



We also became BIG fans of Spicy Pie pizza this weekend. Pepperoni slices as big as your face with jalapeños and crushed red pepper?! Count us in.


We were also a media partner for the festival, so we got access to a media area where we could rest, recharge and also interview artists. They had these awesome pods to chill out in.


Our friend Lulu is a Hangout Fest veteran, and an incredible interviewer, so we let her take the reigns when it came to interviewing artists.

Here she is interviewing Strangers You Know – these guys were awesome, and they let us use their song “Tied” in our video recaps.


Lulu interviewing Jack Novak – a badass DJ and all around super cool person. She was all about the Lala’s mission of celebrating young women, so we’re all about her, plus she let us backstage for her show afterwards. Life-changing experience.


(image via Lulu Dropo)


We’re also girl crushing hard on this soulful rock duo, Muddy Magnolias. Their energy onstage and off was incredible. By far, one of the best performances of the weekend.


(image via Lulu Dropo)


(image via Lulu Dropo)


We also chatted with two of the members of The Revivalists. These guys were hilarious and so down to earth.


Being a media partner also meant we got to get up real close during the performances. Here’s the lead singer of Moon Taxi rocking it.


We’ve been Leon Bridges fans for some time now, so getting to see him play live was a dream. His performance transported you to another era.


The Weeknd slayed. Enough said.


Ellie Goulding was a total powerhouse on stage.

(image via Lulu Dropo)


And Florence + the Machine was an ethereal goddess, with the voice of an angel.


Until we meet again Hangout Fest.

And stay tuned for updates on where we’ll be headed next for #lalahomeawayfest!

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