Predict Your Future: the Lala Guide To Palmistry

Lala Palmistry1We use our hands every single day. In fact, most of the time you forget how important they are. But have you ever stopped to really notice them? Study the lines, the shape, the stories they hold? Your hands, and specifically your palms, hold so much knowledge about your unique personality and life.

Palmistry, or the art of reading palms, has been around for centuries. It’s a little old-fashioned, but definitely fun. And it makes for a great party trick! We’ve put together a little guide to reading palms, so you can learn everything: from what the shape of your palm and fingers mean, to deciphering individual lines.lala palmistry3Hands

Ideally, you can read both palms. The left signifies your potential and the right signifies what you’ve done with that. There are four major hand types.

EARTH: Earth hands are square with shorter fingers—they can be equal in height to the palm. They are usually rough or have thick skin. These people are generally very levelheaded and favor “getting things done.” They can be quiet, but not necessarily shy.

AIR: Air hands are square or rectangle, but they have very defined knuckles and long fingers. They also often have a low thumb. People with Air hands are often very intelligent and have a lot of thoughts, creativity and energy. They can sometimes drive themselves, or others, crazy with their thoughts and nerves.

WATER: Water hands are short or oval shaped, with very flexible fingers. The palm is generally wider than it is long. Water hands signify someone who is a “softie,” very emotional and most often rather artistic. They like peace but can be greatly influenced by their surroundings.

FIRE: Fire hands can be square or rectangle. The length of the palm, from wrist to the bottom of the fingers, is longer than the actual fingers. People with fire hands are generally very energetic and need a lot of things happening to feel great. They can be very stubborn but also passionate.lala palmistry2Lines

HEART LINE: This has everything to do with love!

If the line starts under your index finger, you have a satisfying love life.

If it starts under your middle finger, you can be selfish in love.

If it starts between those two fingers, it’s said that you fall in love easily.

If you have a short line (that doesn’t go far across your palm) that can mean that love isn’t a priority to you: you’re more interested in other things!

If your heart line touches your life line, it means that your heart breaks easily. A long a wavy line denotes easy and comfort in love while a straight line shows that you’re very practical when it comes to love.

HEAD LINE: This one is about intellect and wisdom.

The curvier the line, the more creative and spontaneous you are, while a straighter line denotes a practical approach to learning.

A short head line means that you put more significance on physical accomplishments than intellectual ones.

A wavier, lighter line can show up on someone who is easily distracted. A deeper, straight line often denotes a focused and intense thinker.lala palmistry4LIFE LINE: This line, which starts above your thumb and curves downward, shows your destiny or general wellbeing.

The closer the line is to your thumb, the lower energy you are: these people love sleep.

Conversely, a wide and curvy line denotes that you have a lot of energy.

If the line is straighter and stays close to the edge of your palm, this means that you’re cautious in most relationships.

A long and deep life line denotes that you have a lot of inner strength and vitality, while a short, shallow line means that you can be easily manipulated by others.

A break in this line can signify a major change in your life, physically or emotionally.

FATE LINE: This can be read in conjunction with your life line. Not everyone has this line, so don’t worry if yours is nowhere to be seen!

A deep fate line can mean that you’re very controlled by destiny (whatever destiny force you believe in!) while a shallow or very broken line can show your life changing a lot.

There is so much more info, about the mounds of your knuckles, finger shapes, even moon and planet influences. Here are a few more resources if you want to keep reading up on Palmistry!

Gala Darling’s guide to Palmistry.

The Wikipedia article is actually really helpful.

This goes into more detail for hand shapes.

Palm Reading can be really in depth, but just knowing the basics is really fun. We hope you try it out for yourself and let us know your experiences!

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  1. Love this article. Spent most of my morning staring at my hands and trying to figure out what my lack of “fate” line means… Thanks for the article, Cassie! xx

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