What Growing Up With 3 Sisters Taught Me About Friendship

If you’ve never lived in a house with all sisters I will break it down for you. There’s the occasional bout of yelling about borrowing clothes without asking. There’s a bit of bickering about taking too long in the bathroom. And there might even be a small argument because too many screens are being used on the Netflix account and you have to watch the season finale of Parks and Recreation. But more than anything there’s a constant support system that’s simply impossible to get rid of.

Growing up in a household with three sisters was nothing short of a blast. It’s like growing up with three live-in best friends. But spending my childhood with these gals isn’t just a plethora of fond memories; it has taught me about friendship, respect, and love more than any other relationships I’ve had in my life. But mostly, it has showed me the importance of a strong female support system. And here’s why:

Learning to Respect your Sister’s Opinion

Of course my sisters and I have our differences. We may have been raised under the same roof but we all have divergent styles, tastes, and beliefs. Being able to not only to accept my sisters’ choices but to support their choices is something that I definitely did not learn overnight. My sisters have widened my perspective on many issues and introduced me to thinking about things in a way I would have never on my own. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been able to reinforce this kind of acceptance into new friendships. We all have the right to our own opinion, and in a society where tolerance seems to be slipping it has never been more important to show respect for the ideas of our fellow females.

Becoming an Exemplary Sister

Surround yourself with strong, beautiful women and you will become one yourself. I was fortunate enough to be a middle child meaning I always had someone to look up to, and I was given the responsibility to be a role model myself. I have found that this pressure has only served to constantly help me to be mindful about my choices, my words, and my actions. This is key to building strong female support systems: be an exemplary friend and an exemplary woman. If you exude confidence, you will bring out confidence in others.

Building Your Sister Up

One compliment can make your entire day. Conversely, one mean comment can completely ruin it. Growing up in a household of girls you know these two things to be all too true. A kind, supporting “You got this” or “You’ll kill this exam today” or even “Blue looks really nice on you” has transformative powers. Sisterhood teaches you the power your words can have over others, specifically girls. Use your words wisely, and remember, it’s really not that hard to make someone’s day.

Having the backing of a strong female support system has made me the woman I am today and being able to build on this incredible support has helped me especially in navigating the challenges of college. Maybe if we all looked out for each other like we were biological sisters, we would make life just a little bit easier.

Bridget O'Brien

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