To Go Out In Heels Or Flats? We Did Some Sole Searching

The Friday night typical Bump & Grind will never grow old, but everyone knows the best part of the evening is not spent in some frat basement, but what comes beforehand: the time spent perfecting our cat eye, crafting those beachy waves and raiding our closets for a look somewhere between Beyoncé and

And in those precious 20 to 30 minutes, there comes possibly the most pivotal decision of the night, the one that should not be made lightly nor without a clear mind.

There’s no way getting around it, or trying to pretend it doesn’t exist. You must choose, but choose wisely, as the rest of the evening lingers with this question. The ultimate Sophie’s choice.

Heels or flats?

Scenario 1

You hit the dance floor in these suede beauties and their western vibes no doubt help you get your groove on. After a few hours of blessing the crowd with your sweet, sweet moves, you’re still feeling great and you can’t be help but hand it to your choice of footwear. That is until you Shakira shake at the wrong place at the wrong time and a questionable drink gets knocked right across your peep toes. After suede turns to scum, the night never recovers.

Scenario 2


These platforms make you start the night out feeling on top of the world, probably because you’re viewing it 5 inches above normal. But 5 minutes later you feet meet an electrical cord/rug/ledge/obstructive object and while you used to be on top, now you’re very much so on the bottom.

Scenario 3

Repeat Scenario 2 except this time when you hit that electrical cord/rug/ledge/obstructive object, you’re wearing these lace up kitten heels and they’re just reasonable enough to keep your balance. Yes, the phrase “sensible shoes” is supposed to only come out of your mother’s mouth, but in this case, it saved your evening and your dignity.

Scenario 4


Tonight you go for a pair of Steve Madden slip-on’s and you’re so comfortable that you even bust out a few nostalgic showchoir moves. Many pivot turns later and you don’t want to stop, even though your friends probably wished you had ages ago.

Which do you find yourself choose on most Friday nights? Sound off in the comments!

Photo via Anna Schultz

Brielle Saggese

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