Okay, It’s Time To Give His New Girl A Break

We, the enthusiastic and overly indulged users of social media, witness many trends come and go. From whipping to internet Youtube “challenges,” to the birth of Vine and the usage of hashtags, certain fads have a way of incorporating themselves in your life. Especially if you start following the trends ironically at first then slowly realize you are now completely, tragically serious. Guilty as charged, guys.

A rising craze that has come to my attention is the rivalry between someone and the new significant other of his/her ex. For instance, particularly on Twitter, I have witnessed countless tweets comparing one picture to another with the caption “me vs. her,” or “walking past your ex with his new b*tch like…” as shown below.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 11.02.23 PM

To this, we beg the question: why are these series of tweets so highly valued and praised? Which portion of them are the funniest? What is so hilarious about hating on an innocent girl who is dating someone you are no longer in a relationship with? Are we missing the point?

It is totally unnecessary for girls to feel any hostility towards a new girl their ex is seeing. The girl, in most cases, did nothing wrong so why should she be hated on? Because she now gets to call someone “hers” that you don’t have the right to anymore? Please do not villainize her for simply meeting someone and developing a relationship. Do not make her feel guilty for being happy with her new significant other.
It’s important for girls to express kindness and sincerity to each other and support each other, not tear each other down. This trend of relationship shaming needs to stop. In order to survive in a world where women are unfairly viewed as inferior, it is so essential for us girls to stick together. Quit tearing your fellow women down, and start building them up. Let go of the past and move on; go for a girl’s night to remind you of what is really valuable here. Girl power, ladies! Embrace it and leave the jealousy behind.

image via Kayla Bacon


Lanie Woods

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