The Ultimate Gilmore Girls Drinking Game

For about three months during my senior year of high school, my best friend and I would escape school every day to spend our special-senior-extended lunch breaks binge-watching Gilmore Girls. She had seen the entire show multiple times all the way through, and I had never seen a single episode. We finished the whole series in those few months.

I was immersed in Stars Hollow, in love with all the characters, and completely intoxicated by Lorelai’s and Rory’s quick wit. I completely related to the Girls’ boy troubles, family issues, love of literature and clothes, and junk food obsessions. I was more or less the same age as Rory in any given season and still as juvenile and spunky as Lorelai; the show is so well-written that it made me feel understood.

Just like the Gilmore Girls, I grew up–but my love for Stars Hollow never diminished; if anything, it grew. But now I’m a big kid in college and I can DRINK!!! So for all my fellow GG fans, I have made a nifty guide to the Ultimate Gilmore Girls Drinking Game, just in time for the upcoming GG spin-off.

Play along with me as I re-binge the series in preparation for November’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and as I drunkenly laugh and weep during said Netflix special.

***PSA: Please drink responsibly and remember that this game can also safely be played with water, sparkling cider, chocolate milk, etc.!

For a printable PDF version: the-ultimate-gilmore-girls-party-game.



Take a sip of your drink every time…

  • Lorelai and Rory drink coffee
  • Lorelai and Rory make a pop culture reference
  • Rory is reading
  • Taylor gets mad about something. Like, anything.
  • Richard is shown reading the newspaper
  • You hear the words “Chilton,” “Harvard,” or “Yale”
  • A new maid is mentioned/appears/called for at Emily and Richard’s house
  • Emily talks about any one of her hobbies (shopping, charity events and auctions, water aerobics class, etc.)
  • Michel answers the phone at either the Independence Inn or the Dragonfly Inn
  • Miss Patty says something inappropriate
  • Kirk mentions his mother
  • Lorelai and Rory order takeout
  • A scene takes place in Luke’s Diner
  • Sookie is seen cooking or baking

Take a shot every time…

  • Christopher shows up (actually, take two shots for this)
  • Dean is seen wearing his Doose’s Market apron
  • Paris speaks a foreign language
  • Madeline and Louise talk about or talk to boys
  • Miss Patty is seen dancing or leading a dance class
  • Luke and Jess fight
  • Jess is reading
  • Colin and Finn appear

Pick a friend to take a shot whenever…

  • Rory and Dean/Jess/Logan kiss
  • Luke does something nice for Lorelai and/or Rory
  • Rory and Lane OR Lorelai and Sookie share a cute BFF moment
  • A scene takes place in Kim’s Antiques
  • Rory and Paris are in their dorm or apartment together
  • Emily or Richard makes a drink for someone from their drink cart

Down your drink whenever…

  • Emily asks Lorelai to marry Christopher
  • Babette shares some hot gossip
  • Paris gets mad at someone/reminds them that she is the ultimate bad bitch (in a good way)
  • Stars Hollow holds a major event (Bid on a Basket, Living Art Festival, etc.)
  • Kim mentions God/Jesus/The Bible/going to church
  • Jackson talks about vegetables
  • Luke is seen wearing anything besides a baseball cap and flannel/plaid shirt
  • Lane’s band plays
  • Logan is shown being very drunk
  • There is any kind of flashback sequence
  • You come across a famous Gilmore Girls line that has probably been turned into some kind of meme or gif (example: “Oy with the poodles already!”)
  • The town troubadour appears
  • Richard and Emily express that they are proud of and love Lorelai
  • Luke and Lorelai kiss

And lastly, take flight-shots while watching Kirk’s brilliant short film.

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