A Gift Guide For The Friend Who Literally Has Everything

The Secret Santa basket of names goes around the room. You pull out a piece of folded up paper and think to yourself, “Please don’t be [insert name of friend who is incredibly hard to shop for here]”, only to find out, of course, it is.

We all have that friend – that person you never know what to get them. Whether it’s because their taste is impeccable, their cool-factor is on another level or they’ve already bought themselves everything they could possibly need or want, you dread shopping for them.

But don’t you worry your pretty little Secret Santa head – I’ve compiled a list of gifts just obscure enough, ridiculous enough and cool enough to find something that even the pickiest of people would find amusing (or worth not returning). No gift receipt needed on these bad boys.


Anything from Pop & Suki

The new “it girl” brand, Pop & Suki was started by two IRL BFFs (Pop and Suki… duh) who met at a night club. No, really.

The newly launched brand boasts sleek, cool-girl accessories like personalized leather purses and keychains in a neapolitan ice cream color palette, that are high quality, without totally breaking the bank. Get at em’ before T Swift’s squad scoops everything up.



A V Practical Rainbow Neon Sign

Every Australian I meet is always way cooler than me. So it’s no wonder that Australian brand Sunnylife is winning at the gifting game.

And what’s cooler than a neon sign? A rainbow neon sign. Yep, that’s def cooler.



Cool Ass Pencils

Real pencils (you know, the kind you need an old-school sharpener for) are having a comeback. Trust me. Throw all your pens out now! (Jk, jk).

Bing Bang NYC has got you covered with gold foil pencils with a sweet little reminder to Hu$tle. As Beyonce said – “F you, pay me”.



Dadbod Beach Towel

The best rule of thumb when shopping for the friend who has everything, ask yourself, “is this completely unnecessary, but ridiculous in a good way?” If the answer is yes, get it.

Also, there’s nothing like laying on a towel adorned with Dadbods while at the beach to make you feel hotter than Jessica Alba in a bikini.



Khaleesi-Worthy Metallic Freckles

Every girl wants to feel like a mythical Mother of Dragons every now and then. And there’s nothing like a set of metallic temporary tattoo freckles to do the trick.



Egotistical Neon Trophy

There’s nothing, as humans, we love more than a little ego-stroking. And what better way to make your friend feel like a million bucks than presenting them with their very own trophy for nothing other than simply, being awesome.

The cool neon color also makes it that perfect whimsical, yet stylish piece to set on their mantel.




Stripey Underwater Camera 

What’s more hipster than an actual film camera? An underwater film camera, of course!

Pop in a roll of 35mm film, jump in the ocean and go to town. Pairs nicely with a neoprene one-piece and fresh bikini wax.




Pun-y Coffee Mug

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t like receiving a good coffee mug – especially with a pun-y saying and gold foil, hand drawn design. Because, you didn’t choose the mug life…well, you know the rest.


#MermaidLife Sea Shell Coin Purse

At one point in their lives, 98% of young women brushed their hair with a fork thanks to The Little Mermaid. And we all secretly still want to live that mermaid life.

Help your friend channel her inner Ariel with a shiny, handmade, shell-shaped coin purse – perfect for collecting whose-its and whats-its galore.




Quirky Cat Lovers Patch

This patch speaks for itself, and for all cat lovers. Though I happen to be a dog person, even I can’t pass up a gift with Snoop Dogg embroidered onto it.

Is that ironic? Snoop Dogg the cat lover?

Whatever, it just works.




A Set Of Artistic and Sarcastic Cards

Simple designs with thoughts that have gone through most of our minds – leave it to artist Ashkahn to create the most honest, sweet and stylish pieces of stationary we’ve ever come across. Snag a few, tie them together with a bow and totally win the gifting game.

If you’re lucky, one might just come back to you when your friend sends you a thank you card for an insanely cool and thoughtful gift.




Drake Cheesecake Tote Bag

Drake tells it how it is. He isn’t afraid to show his deep emotions or admit how much he loves The Cheesecake Factory. #perfectman



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