Getting Sick? Remember These 7 Things Before Ditching Class

Getting sick in college at least once a year seems to be a given. When the cold weather blows in, it can seem like everyone around you is coughing or sneezing. When you catch the bug, it’s easy to skip your 8 AM and re-watch Friends instead. Even though you try your best not to miss class, sometimes you really should stay home. Here are 7 tips to help you not fall too far behind when you do skip class.

1. Go to the Campus Health Center

Your school should have a health center that you can take advantage of. They are the same as going to any other doctor, with the advantage of it being right on campus. They can diagnose you and let you know if you really should be going to class. No one wants to sit next to someone contagious.

2. Email Your Professors

You want your professor to know that you are committed to the class. It really shows your professionalism by informing the teacher you will be missing. Some professors have it in their syllabus to email them in case of illness, but even if they don’t, you should send a quick update anyway.

3. Visit Office Hours

When you feel better, the first thing you should do is go to your professor’s office hours or schedule an appointment with them. This is especially important if you have missed more than one day. At this point, your teacher will know that you have been sick, and they should be willing to share notes with you and explain what you have missed.

4. Text a Classmate

If asking your professor is too intimidating, or you’re not sure they’ll give you the notes, you can always ask a classmate. Just explain your situation, and chances are they will be willing to help and let you know what you missed. This is just another reason you should make friends in your classes!

5. Read the Syllabus

Oftentimes, your syllabus will have an overview of the semester filled with important dates or even what the agenda is for each class. Once you know what you’re missing in class, you can coordinate readings if you’re feeling up to it. You can read a chapter out of the textbook and teach yourself what you might have missed in class. Bonus: you can do this while staying in! It’s still important to follow up with your professor to see how the reading connects with what they did in class.

6. Tell Your Roommates

If you’re sick it’s common courtesy to tell your roommates or friends. When you spend a lot of time around people, they will be more prone to catch your illness. Maybe your roommate will want to rethink finishing your Diet Coke.

7. Call Home

It can be a shock the first time you get sick while living on your own. Suddenly, you’ll really miss someone bringing soup to your bedside. It’s a great idea to call and get some advice from your mom. She can tell you what medicine to buy and give you some encouraging words. Who knows, maybe she’ll even send you a care package!


Everyone gets sick, so don’t beat yourself up for missing class. The best things you can do are to rest and hydrate yourself to get back up and going. Make sure to take these tips with you so you can stay on top of it! You got this girl!


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