How To Get Your #BrowsOnFleek

Eyebrows have quickly become one of the hottest and most talked about makeup trends of 2015. We’ve all heard the term #BROWSONFLEEK (wtf does that even mean anyways…), so how do we achieve the sought-after “natural-but-defined” look that seems to be sweeping the makeup world by storm? Check out some of the tips and tricks below, and try them out for yourself to achieve your best brow!

**None of the products mentioned below are the end-all, be-all brands you need to get great brows- they’re just the ones that have worked best for us over the years.

  • Things you’ll need:
    • A good pair of tweezers with a pointed tip for the best hair-grabbing precision
    • Anastasia Brow Wiz
      • Okay so you can use any brow pencil you want…but seriously guys, this product changed the brow game for us forever. It’s from the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products line, created by brow genius and celebrity makeup artist Anastasia Soare. It has a great quality spoolie on one end to brush out the hairs, and a long lasting, precise brow pencil on the other. They run about $20, but they last for a while and are worth every penny. Trust us.
      • Now time to choose a color. The most common mistake is to go too dark, which can end up looking really drawn on. If you have dark brows, get a pencil one shade lighter. If you have light brows, get a pencil one shade darker. We used “Soft Brown” in the feature photo.
    • Brow Gel
      • With brow gel, the brand doesn’t really matter- however the product itself definitely does. Brow gel acts as a finishing coat for everything you’ve done. It’s like putting on some hairspray after you styled your hair. Brow gel also locks in the color to prevent fading, and helps them last all day while also separating the brow hairs and making them look more natural and less matte/makeup-y. You can use a tinted or clear gel…tinted is great for when you dont’t want to fill them in as much, and clear is great for putting over pencil. We use Sonia Kashuk’s clear gel from Target. In a pinch you can even put some regular hair gel or hairspray on your spoolie, brush it through and you’re good to go.
    • Concealer
      • For a more defined look, concealer can be used to outline your finished brows to make them pop even more and clean up any smudges from the pencil. We use a Q-Tip to outline the brows with a thin line of concealer all around, top and bottom, and then blend it out. It might not seem like a very important step, but it does make a huge difference. We use Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer because it lasts the longest after trial and error with many others, but any concealer will honestly do.
    • Highlighter
      • Again, this is another product for when you have more makeup on and isn’t necessary for just going to class or staying natural. However, a good highlight under the arch of your brow as a finishing touch is a subtle way to lift the brow, and bring everything together. Our favorite is The Balm’s Mary Lou-Manizer because it’s so versatile and can be used for under the brows, highlighting the cheek bones, and inner eyes.
  •  Steps:
    • Trim Them
      • Brush the eyebrow hairs straight up with a brow brush or spoolie. Trim the overhang with small scissors…don’t cut too low though or else you’ll end up with gaps once you brush them back out (we know from personal experience….ugh).
    • Shape Them
      • Use a brow or eyeliner pencil to heavily draw on the exact desired shape you want them to be- pluck any hairs that fall outside of the lines you’ve drawn. The pencil you drew will be washed off once you pluck, so the color doesn’t matter- This step just allows you to get the shape you want and prevents over tweezing, which could leave you waiting months for them to grow back in.
      • You can use an eyebrow stencil, but we just freehanded it based on how we wanted ours to look.
      • Don’t be obsessed with having one brow be a perfect match to the other, because it’s never going to happen. Step back from the magnifying mirror every once in a while and take a look at your brows from a distance in order to get an accurate perception of how they’re looking.
    • Fill Them In
      • The main event, right? When filling in your brows, it honestly just takes practice. The more you do it, the more you’ll find out exactly what works for your face, and what you do and don’t like. A general rule of thumb is to be light-handed when working on the front of your brow, and more heavy-handed when working on the back end, or tail, of your brow. That’s just how brows grow naturally, so if you draw intensely dark lines from front to back, it’s probably going to resemble a sharpie- which might not look so great in the end.
      • Lightly draw on the outline of where you want your brows to be, and then using light small strokes, start filling in inside of the lines (the strokes should try and resemble the length of your brow hairs). In the front, use short upward strokes to resemble the natural growth of your hair.
      • Directly under your arch and underneath your brow tail is where you should apply the pencil the heaviest. This lifts the brow up- by tapering the intensity out from there towards the front, you’ll get a naturally great shaped brow.
    • Apply Brow Gel
      • When applying brow gel, try not to get any on your skin- this can cause the pencil you just delicately put on your brows to bleed out and ruin the shape you just created. #WOMP. Instead, use the end of the brush to apply and brush through the hairs/pencil exactly where they are on your face, and follow the direction of your arch.
    • Conceal
      • Using concealer, and a Q-Tip as we mentioned earlier, outline the brow and blend it out.
    • Highlight
      • Using anything you want (pinky, Q-Tip, brush…telepathy) put a little bit of highlighter under the arch to lift the brow even more.

Tadaaa! All done. Now all of the steps obviously don’t have to be used each time you do your makeup- using one or two can still definitely create a great brow. But if you’re looking for a naturally defined shape that lasts all day, try out the full combination. It takes only minutes once you get the hang of it, and can really change the way your entire face of makeup looks. Literally your entire face.

Power to the brows!



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