Why “Gen Z” Is Predicted To Be The Coolest Generation Of Our Time

We’ve heard it before; millennials are lazy. They’re the worst generation yet. They’re paving the way for more lazy generations to come.

Pump the breaks and meet the newest generation shattering all of our fears of the future: Gen Z.

Generation Z, the cohort of people born after the millennial generation, starting at the mid-1990s, were raised in a completely different world than the generation before. Although the oldest of Gen Z are just out of high school (around 19-years-old) they act beyond their years in terms of their interests, goals and perspective on life.

If you’ve ever been stressed about where our world is going, turn to Gen Z to breathe new life into the world.

They’re More Cautious of Their Future

Millennials were born in a time of relative peace until the tragic events of 9/11 took place. Generation Z was born into a world where war, terrorism, and economic crises were commonplace. Being young and surrounded by such turmoil introduced them to major risks early in life. Because of this, Gen Z is predicted to take fewer risks and ask for less freedom than the former generation. Their major concern is security, safety and finding a stable, well-paying job. Where millennials are less pragmatic, looking for a job that they enjoy instead of what will give the most security.

They’re Growing Up In the Age Of Instagram

While millennials were the ones to pave the way for the first forms of social media- Hi Instant Messager- most Gen Z’s can’t remember a time without constantly being connected via Internet. This means today’s kids will be much more connected globally than that generations before them, allowing a limitless amount of opportunities. It’s easier than ever for teens to market their brand or themselves online with sites such as LinkedIn and BranchOut, which give them the ability to connect with possible employers all over the world. Surprisingly, online communicating may even help Gen Z’s with their face-to-face interactions; a study revealed that 53% actually prefer it over email or any other digital communication medium.

They’re More Diverse

As of now, Generation Z is the most diverse generation in history in all categories: ethnicity, religion, sexuality– you name it. Millennials are the ones to praise for shedding light on issues of acceptance, but Gen Z knows their work is not finished. The Magid marketing firm reported that this generation is predicted to have more relationships with people of different backgrounds than any before them. Generation Z is the noticeably more accepting of societal differences, and they won’t stop until archiac social norms are destroyed.

They’re a Generation of Doers

While millennials are more likely to have a problem fixed for them, Gen Z can fix it themselves. Predicted to be the most educated generation, they’re innovative thinking makes it easy for them to find their own solutions. In general, the newest generation is much more independent than the former. Most would rather be their own boss than work for corporate America, a trait that may have come about from growing up during a recession. If they do have to work for a company, however, they prefer their employer to be charitable and give back to the community. Generation Z wants to change the world and knows that hard work is necessary to do so.

Although they sometimes get a bad rep, Generation Z has the mindset and skillset to take over the world even if they are still in high school.

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