#FridayVibes Roundup: Everything You Need For A Kickass Weekend

Listen to this:

This Drake and Florence + The Machine mashup. When it comes to mashups, we can all agree that the most unlikely of combos make the most killer songs.

drake and florence


Eat this:

Take advantage of ripe summer fruits and whip together some of these “too pretty to eat” mini fruit pizzas. Then again, we’ll eat pizza in pretty much any form.

college dish


Drink this:

I been drinking… watermelon and strawberry lemonade slushies. These slushies are the perfect way to cool down and drink up on Friday afternoon. Grab a blender.



Read this:

In honor of back-to-school, and all things Humans of New York (where our HONY fans at?!) we think this round-up of the best college advice from HONY is juuuust what syllabus week ordered.

college advice

Dream about this:

So, apparently you can rent a castle for like $30 a night per person. We’re not kidding. Skip the hostel for your study abroad weekend trip to the South of France, or plan the most epic Fall Break ever in Italy. Seriously, these properties are sick.



Insta this:

Because it’s Friday, and it’s fun, and we made it for you, and PINEAPPLES.

you got this insta


Try this:

“Ug I can’t believe I just ate all of that.”

Food guilt. We dare you to totally banish it – and challenge your friends to do it too. Here’s why.

food guilt


Apply for this:

Shameless plug. But we just reopened our applications to join the Lala for the fall semester. We’re looking for amazing writers, marketing reps, photographers and videographers. Check out more info here if you’re interested, or tell all your creative friends. Applications are due 9/2 so get on it.

cool girls instagram


Have an amazing weekend everyone!

friday vibes

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