Five Ways To Forget It’s Winter

Just as it does with the rest of the world, sometimes winter has a way of completely sucking the life out of us. Although it seems like it may never end, it actually will disappear in a relatively short amount of time and the key to getting through it is finding great ways to pass this time.

1. Start a Couch to 5KMost programs are eight to ten weeks long and even if you’ve never ran before, one of these programs will have you running outside by the time it’s warm out. Staying active will help ward off a lot of the negative effects winter can have on the body and this will give you a goal to distract yourself from how cold it is outside. After completing two weeks of a Couch to 5k program, try picking yourself up a pair of new sneakers or cute running clothes as a reward.

2. Step up your studying. We all probably slack at least a little bit, so why not recognize our weaknesses and work to improve ourselves? Since you can’t go to the beach or sit out on the quad and relax, use winter as a time to really buckle down on your classes. Make this your best semester yet, because isn’t that more rewarding than re-watching Girls, cuddled up in our beds?

3. Put your summer clothes in storage. If you stop looking at them, you’ll stop being sad that you can’t wear them. Additionally, you’ll free up space in your closet, which should make staying organized a little easier. And while you’re in there, take a few moments to declutter and completely eliminate or donate things that you don’t wear; an organized space will make being stuck inside much more enjoyable.

4. Binge on YouTube tutorials and learn something new. Have you been dying to learn how to do a braided crown? Dreaming of perfecting your contouring skills? YouTube has a whole world of tutorials to teach you everything from shortcuts to your morning routine to glam looks for a girls night out. Find a few you like and practice, practice, practice.

5. Study for grad school exams. Even if you don’t have immediate plans to go to grad school, why not at least study for the exams so you can be prepared if you decide that this is the right choice later on? There are tons of free apps that will make studying feel like you’re just playing a game, which is a highly productive way to kill time.

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