Five Reasons R&B Singer Kehlani Is Our Newest Girl Crush

Meet Kehlani, also affectionately known as “Baelani,” “Lani Tsunami,” and the next great R&B artist.

We’re totally obsessed with this up and coming musician and want you to love her too. Here are five reasons to listen to and love Kehlani.

1. She’s 20 years old and KILLING IT

Her second mixtape You Should Be Here released earlier this year and hit a million plays on SoundCloud in the first 24 hours of its release. The mixtape was also #1 on the iTunes R&B/Soul chart and #2 on both the Overall R&B Albums and Current R&B Albums chart. Billboard even called it “the Year’s First Great R&B Album.” She’s starting her first headlining tour, which has sold out in all but two cities. Tickets for the Oakland native’s tour sold out within minutes in the Bay Area.

Um, not to compare successes or anything, but my biggest accomplishment recently was finishing the third season of OITNB. YOU GO, GIRL!

2. She’s got an amazing voice that’s bringing back R&B

Her voice is hands down the biggest reason you should download a song or two (or 23). Kehlani lets her own voice take center stage with a unique sound reminiscent of 90’s R&B like Brandy or Aaliyah.

“When I was living with my aunt, she played me all of these powerful women and love songs. It was that Neo Soul-R&B, and I couldn’t get enough of it,” Kehlani said on her website. “It felt right to sing from the moment I began.”

3. The Tsunami Mob

If you’re a super fan, you’re probably familiar with Kehlani’s Tsunami Mob, whose supporters come from her label under Atlantic records to her fast-growing fan base. Members also include Kehlani’s entourage, an all-female group of backup dancers, DJ and videographer. Either way, I want to join.

4. #Relatable

Kehlani writes all of her songs, and there’s plenty of material Lala readers can connect to. A brief list:

“Bright”– Every girl needs to listen to this song at least once.

“Can nobody love somebody that do not love themselves/ You are what you choose to be/ It’s not up to no one else/ So be great, be kind/ Don’t let them dim your light/ A woman like a sun should always stay bright”

“Till the Morning”– Hello college hookup culture.

“I could feel you calling / Not only when you’re horny/ But when your heart is lonely/ Wanted all of you to own me, no no nooo”

“Runnin”– For all the girl bosses out there.

“Cause I know every man has a fear of a strong-minded woman/ But I say she’s a keeper if she got it on her own and keeps it runnin’”

“First Position”– Openly bisexual, Kehlani has songs for girls who love girls as well #LoveisLove.

“Say baby, stop messing with those boys get you a lady/ Keep it 100 grand, don’t try to play me”


Hi, CAN I BE YOU??????

Check out the rest of Kehlani’s music on SoundCloud or buy her latest mixtape on iTunes.

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