How To Find A Sisterhood Outside Of A Sorority

Okay, so maybe you’ve decided that the sorority life isn’t for you.

But, you’re still searching for the sorority-like sisterhood to do this college thing with.

I’ll let you in on a secret—sisterhood can be found in anything, even outside of a sorority. Your major. Your organization or club. Or even your residential hall or off-campus house. Sisterhood is not restricted to Greek lettering.

Sisterhood is simply a group of women who are there to push, encourage, motivate, support, and challenge each other.

Greek life is an amazing opportunity, but I had decided that it wasn’t the life for me either. I was on the lookout for a group of girls to share the next four years of my life with. I’m here to tell you that it is possible and that I don’t know what I would do without the sisterhood I found in my major and in my organization. I wouldn’t enjoy college as much as I do, that’s for sure.

Here’s how I found my sisterhood outside of a sorority and how you can, too—


I can’t even begin to express to you how ridiculously lost I would be without my English education girls. My major would have changed eleven times by now. No joke. From our very first class for our major, we have all relentlessly stuck together. As we progress in our major, we still remain in each others’ classes. Get to know the girls in your first major classes. The sisterhood you’ll find in those girls will last for the next four years and beyond. I know that even after graduation day, we will all keep up with each other. We’ll talk about how crazy our students are but how much we still love our jobs.


I know I will get the opportunity to meet girls who are in my major through projects. I will not lie. I love group projects for this very reason. You’re able to get a sense of who you click with, who the hard workers are, and who you enjoy spending time with the most. In my major classes, I used group projects as a way to get to know the girls even further. Now, some of those girls forever continue to be group members of mine in higher level classes.


Yep, you have to do more than just pay the fee that makes that organization or club look good on your resume. You’ll never even know how cool the girls are there. I am involved with Cru, which is a large organization that people can easily lose themselves in. To make it smaller, I made the choice to go to a weekend retreat that Cru promoted my freshman year. There, I met my now two roommates/best friends/sisters. I got more involved and have a sisterhood through my organization that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.


So, you and the girl you sit by every time you go to that club meeting cannot stop chatting. You get excited to catch up and laugh at the events of your day. Ask her to hang out aside from the regular meeting time! It has been so awesome to chill with the English education girls outside of our classes together. It turns out that the things we have in common mostly deal with our majors, but they are all so much more than that. Our differing perspectives and interests have been fun and refreshing. Getting to know who they really are away from class has made those girls feel even more like sisters to me.


Show interest in their lives. Ask them to coffee or to a game night. Be intentional and begin building sisterhood with the girls in your major, organization, and/or club. All I had to do was be patient and persistent in getting to know a couple of girls within my major and my organization. Intentionality goes a long way, trust me.

My college career has been transformed by the sisterhood I have found outside of a sorority. Their friendship, guidance, and support have been the best part of my college experience. Search no longer. That sorority-like sisterhood waits for you.

Kayla Scott

Editorial Contributor, Ball State University Major: English Education Her heart belongs to: Jesus Christ, heart-to-heart conversations, and a good cup of coffee Her guilty pleasures: Disney movie soundtracks, Goodwill stores, banana-flavored Laffy Taffy, and Just Dance choreography

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