Finaaaallly: 5 Reasons Why Happn Is The Dating App We’ve Been Waiting For

We’ve all been there: searching aimlessly through Tinder, swiping left on every face that pops up on our screens until a match miraculously appears. And then, after a few moments of euphoria, an intense feeling of dread seeps in–you see that you live in Manhattan, and that he lives in Staten Island. Your paths would never cross in real life, even if you wanted them to.

Star-crossed lovers before “hey” even hits your inbox.

But what if there was a dating app that aimed to change all that? An app that wanted to do away with random pairings and bring you potential suitors that you’ve already encountered in real life?

Luckily for us, there is one: Happn. The premise is simple; every person that you cross paths with in real life shows up as a profile on your timeline. In addition to seeing who you’ve brushed shoulders with throughout the day, you can also see when and where you met each individual user. And if you both heart each other, you can begin chatting.

Pretty revolutionary, right? Here are five reasons we’re totally stoked about it.

1. Gasp! You’ll Actually Have Something In Common With Your Matches

There’s a reason you and this guy have crossed paths with each other four times in the past week. Maybe you both like to go to the same coffee shop, or do your grocery shopping at the same place. Regardless of the connection, it’s comforting to know that you and your crush have at least something in common before pursuing a full-blown romance. After all, couples who grocery shop together, stay together.

2. You Get A Second Chance To Make A Great First Impression

Maybe you’re not the type of person that feels comfortable hitting on someone in real life. And that’s perfectly fine! Because with Happn, you get a second chance to put your stellar flirting skills to the test–behind the safety of your phone screen, of course.

3. It’s A Great Way To Meet Singles Who Live By You

That’s the basic principle of every dating app, right? But what other company can brag that it brings people together that may live in the same neighborhood, not just in the same city or area? Gone are the days of commuting from the Upper West Side to Bushwick to hang out with your crush.

4. The Power Is Still In Your Hands

#GirlPower. Not interested in someone you’ve crossed paths with? No problem. Users on Happn can only message each other when they’ve both “hearted” the other person, so don’t worry about having to sort through any unwanted creepers in your inbox.

5. You Can Revisit Profiles (For Free!)

One if the biggest woes of this world is when you find a love-at-first-sight kind of match on Tinder, but then accidentally swipe left because you’re in a swiping frenzy. Instant heartbreak. Luckily, you won’t find any of that on Happn, because you can revisit profiles of people you met in the past at any given time. Score!

The philosophy behind Happn is a pretty brilliant one. If you bring people together that have a real-life connection, then the likelihood that the match will be a successful one skyrockets. So give Happn a try and download it here–you never know what amazing people are just passing you by.

Brought to you by Happn.

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