The Feminist Artist You Need To Follow On Instagram

From Jezebel and The Hairpin to Feministe and The F Word, the internet is chock-full of wonderful media for inquisitive young women looking for their daily feminist fix. But have you ever thought of Instagram as a viable tool for discovering some truly wonderful feminist musings? Take it from us — Instagram can be a goldmine, especially when it comes to finding your new favorite socially-conscious artist.

Meet Ambivalently Yours, your next online obsession.

i fight like a girl

Ambivalently Yours, an especially artsy and gifted Tumblr user, has challenged herself to post a new drawing on instagram for 91 days straight. Each piece features a quirky, empowering picture with a powerful, feminist message. In addition to her Instagram account, (which has garnered more than 13 thousand followers in just 50 weeks), she has an active Tumblr page and personal blog. The artist also keeps herself anonymous, which allows her work to be bolder and more poignant. Not one to shy away from any topic, the young artist has explored an array of interesting subjects, from catcalling and misogyny, to modesty and good, old-fashioned girl power. 

my love for you

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Perhaps our favorite aspect of her work is her willingness to admit that she does not know exactly how she feels (or how she “should feel”) about the most pressing issues within the feminist debate. Unlike many other pro-feminist media outlets that tend to oversimplify these issues, her work is honest and oh-so applicable. In her own words: “My refusal to choose between traditional femininity and radical feminism [has] allowed for another space to exist: not a space of indecision but rather a space of undeciding. I call this space: Ambivalently Yours.”

her success is not

less catcalls copy

Intrigued yet? Check out her online shop to purchase your own Ambivalently Yours prints, apparel, and more!

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