Fall’s Most Fashionable Accessory: The Trench Coat

Coming into the fall season, we ladies are used to the annual shifts in our closets, full of comfy sweaters, boots, and scarves. But along with these fashion staples, comes everyones favorite fall go-to, the trench coat! Used to formalize an outfit, tone down an evening dress, or simply as a bold statement of its own, the trench coat has stood the test of time, and is now considered one of the staples of clothing in every modern day women’s closet. Then trench coat itself has not evolved much over the past century, in fact, its popularity is driven off of the original signature a trench coat portrays, which was created and styled on societies elite, by Burberry many years ago. However what has changed are the colors trench coats can be found in and the numerous ways in which one can be worn.

original trench 1 This is the original Trench coat, found in a tan shade accompanied by black buttons and a waistband. In this outfit, the trench coat is acting as the statement piece, added to a fairly typical fall outfit. Paired with similarly neutral tan boots, and light wash denim jeans, the trench coat pops and draws the eye straight in. white trench

If you’re looking to add a more casual look to an outfit, a white trench coat is the best move to make. White is not a distracting color, and for the fall time it usually brings out the remaining color in our faces that we still hold onto from summer. A white trench coat paired with black or denim pants automatically adds a simplistic edge of style to an outfit, and is the best bet if you’re running to the mall quickly to get some errands done, but wish to do so in style!

pumpkin collage

As fall moves into winter, colors get darker and black becomes the neutral go-to in all our closets. In this ensemble, a black trench coat is paired on top of black skinny jeans with a fur vest underneath to dress up the outfit. The trench coat adds elegance because of its length. The length is what sets the trench coat aside from all other fall/winter coats. Here we see a simple pumpkin patch day look like a fall model shoot, simply because of the accentuated trench. black collage

Although many people attribute fall for the season of fur coats, an evening out or a date night outfit can be finished just as elegantly with an evening trench coat. The one shown here is made formal because of the shimmer added to the fabric. Although you could use a classic, tan trench for your evening out, a black coat is not distracting, as well as it is the most formal of the neutral colors. As they say, black goes with everything!

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