Fall In La-La-Love With Hippo Campus

Prepare to instantly feel awesome once you press play on any song by Hippo Campus. These four Minnesota guys are creating all good vibes with their music. I immediately couldn’t stop listening to them once my friend who goes to school at University of Minnesota told me to check out their tunes. This friend also told me she has a feeling they will be the next big thing, and I couldn’t agree more.

As for what kind of sound they’re aiming for, I couldn’t really put my finger on it. I was leaning toward indie pop when I started listening to them, but I think it’s best to never assume. So, I asked the band myself about it and their influences on their sound:

HC:As far as band influences go, there was a simple goal to make music people could dance to and that our friends would like. Not a lot of thought went into constructing a certain sound, or feel. We had been jamming to bands like Last Dinosaurs and Bombay Bicycle Club so there might be a lot of musical influence there, but the four of us each have extensive musical backgrounds with a variety of taste so we only focused on vomiting, in a sense. Just letting the sounds come out in the way they wanted to, and not attempting to produce anything that felt unnatural.” 

I’ll let you decide how their music makes you feel, but for me, this music sure does make me want to dance.


This song is my personal favorite.


Keep your eyes open for when they’re playing near you! They’re going on tour with The Mowgli’s this spring, so check out the tour dates on their website. Be sure to listen to more of their EP on their website too.

Trust me, your ears are going to thank you for listening.

Chloe Kirchner

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