Fall Layering 101

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Here at the Lala we know how much fun fall fashion can be. Ponchos, scarves, booties and hats? What more does a girl need. But sometimes it can be intimidating to style layered outfits without feeling like a big, puffy blob. So we’re breaking it down for you. And trust us, once you learn the formula, it’s so easy! You’ll be looking a cozy and chic as the girls in every Free People lookbook. Check out our fall layering 101:


Formula to Remember: {short sleeve shirt + thin sweater + warm jacket}

For the first look, it’s all about the light layers. Start with a thin short sleeve shirt. This can be a T-shirt or a button up, like we have here. We like to keep this layer neutral and add details on top. Next, add a light sweater. Something that’s slightly oversized works best here. Ponchos are going to be very popular this year, and we loved this vintage one.


Lastly, add a top layer. A leather jacket is always a great choice, especially if it has a fun detail like the hand-embroidered bull on the back of this one.

When wearing more than two layers, it’s easy to look bulky. Adding a belt to cinch the sweater is a great way to do double the work: keep your waist small and add a more interest! The western look is one of our favorites this fall so we went with light leather + silver details throughout the outfit. Finishing your look with a bag and hat is the perfect way to pull everything together. Don’t forget those final touches!


Formula to Remember: {long sleeve shirt + blazer + scarf}

Here is another great example of layering. This look is great if it’s not quite cold enough to need a sweater and a jacket. For this look start with a long sleeve shirt. Our favorites are bodysuits. It eliminates the hassle of tucking your shirt into your bottoms and decreases bulk (score!).


Next, add a light scarf. Because you aren’t wearing a sweater in this look, a scarf replaces that layer but still adds visual interest. We especially love things with an interesting texture, like this gauze scarf with an unfinished edge. Lastly, throw an oversized blazer on top. This will keep you warm while adding that final layer. This is where you can have fun—get a vintage pattern, a boyfriend blazer, a pop of color. Be creative and let your style shine.


For this outfit we paired the layers with a midi skirt. Mixing patterns can be hard sometimes (that’s another post entirely!) but sticking to a color scheme makes it easier. We stuck to earthy neutrals. You can definitely wear jeans or black pants though, whatever you feel comfortable in! Add finishing touches again, such as a belt, sunglasses and cool shoes to complete your look.

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