Why Every Girl Needs A Side Hustle

Ugh. Money.

After your paycheck is divvied out for food, rent and student loans it seems like it just disappears. And the scary thing is that even post-grad, your money will always seem to run dry too quickly. After all the adult stuff is paid for, there is zero moola left over to put towards things you actually care about.

We hate to admit it, but having money matters. Financial freedom gives us the ability to have hobbies, passions, and social lives.

Let’s say you want to revamp your closet for a winter wardrobe, or you’ve had your eye on a new camera lens so you can better your photography skills and kickstart a bomb portfolio. Maybe you just want to make a big dinner for your best friends or a bus ticket to visit your high school girlfriends on the weekend. If you had just a little more cash, you could sprinkle in the small hobbies and expenses that make your life more meaningful.

That’s important. And that’s why every girl needs a side hustle.

For those who don’t know, a side hustle is a way to make some extra cash that allows you the flexibility to pursue what you’re most interested in without quitting your “day job”.

The cool thing about side hustles is that you can combine your job and your passion. Or maybe it’s just a quick, boring job that allows you to actually pay for your passions outside of work.

So you love photography and need to include it in your life daily. You can photograph seniors from the nearby high school and get your extra cash that way. Obsessed with children? Babysit. Love writing? Tutor. Obsessed with sports? Coach a team. All of these small jobs bring in extra cash in order for you to pursue what you love.

Beyond just giving you some financial stability, it’ll set you up for some pretty stellar benefits.

It’s easy to get caught up in schoolwork because your schedule is non-stop– go, go, go! Do you ever look at your agenda for the day and feel the need to write “breathe” somewhere in-between your 5 classes, 2 meetings, work shift, and homework?

Being able to take a few times a week and know you have that extra cash in your pockets, can actually be a great way to relax. If you don’t treat it as your career and that your life depends on it, you can find the joy in taking a break from your day and not having your mind race 100 MPH.

Adjusting your hectic day so you can squeeze in a bit of your side hustle will pay off in the long run. It lets out that little but of extra steam that actually unhealthy for you to go to bed with.

Time management is also an important benefit. It may seem like a lot piling a job on top of a hectic schedule. But it actually allows you a better way to block off your time. It gives you a whole new way to prioritize your commitments, which is a hardcore life skill it takes many people years to master.

But above all else, side hustles are important because they remind you what you’re passionate about it. Filing documents, sending out emails, busing tables, or answering phone calls is not the most glamorous job in the world and it’s not necessarily something people are extraordinarily passionate about either. But it does give you that monthly paycheck to pursue wonderful things outside work.

When you’re able to turn to the hobby we know we live and die for, it keeps it fresh in your mind that that’s your thing. It’s what you know you do well, what you care about, and what you could talk people’s ear off about for hours. In the craziness of life, you could forget about your sketchbook or guitar. They’re there waiting for you every day but we get lost in the hectic mess of college overscheduling because of different circumstances. The side hustle cleans up that mess.

So why am I telling you that YOU need a side hustle when everyone should want or already have one?  Because people get so caught up in their day jobs that slowly turn them into routine-following, hair-pulling, wrinkle-inducing lifestyles that no one asks for.

Time is a precious thing and it’s damn hard to find. So, while you can, delve into something you’re passionate about the does give you that fulfillment and happiness you know you deserve and need a little bit of every single day. Who knows– after a few years of side hustling, you’ll have grown enough both on the job and personally that you can say buh-bye to that day job. It just takes some inspiration.



Frankie Smeriglio

Contributor, Purdue University Major: Communications Her heart belongs to: Ed Sheeran, vanilla lattes, patterned pants, and my Golden Doodle. Her guilty pleasures: Dark chocolate, One Direction, and watching endless YouTube covers.

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