Why Every College Girl Should Try Traveling Solo At Least Once

Remember taking that big vacation to Disney World with your family when you were a kid? Or how about the Spring Break road trip you went on with your best friends?

For those who suffer from wanderlust, free time is often spent planning that next amazing trip or pinning exotic locations to a travel board on Pinterest. While traveling with friends and family is great, there is so much to be gained from traveling solo.

There’s a lot to consider when planning a solo-trip, but if you can step outside your comfort zone you’ll find the adventure is just as rewarding. Here’s just a few of some of the many perks that come with taking a trip on your own.

You Get To Do Whatever You Want

There’s no compromising when you travel on your own, which means the itinerary is 100% up to you. Not only do you get to pick where to go, but there’s no one to stop you from doing every single thing on your list of to-do’s. Whether it’s hiking through mountains, visiting museums or going shopping, you can spend as much or as little time as you want doing what’s important to you.

Bonus: you always get to pick where to eat.

You Learn A Lot About Yourself

Spending a few days by yourself in an unfamiliar place is a great way to learn more about who you are. You’ll have a lot of time to think when you travel alone. Maybe you’ll realize it’s time to switch to that major you’ve been eyeing or perhaps you’ll work up the courage to text that cute boy from class. Traveling alone gives you time to consider everything that’s been on your mind lately.

All that free time also means you’ll have the opportunity to finally catch up on the things you love. Are you going to spend it reading that book you’ve been hearing about or are you going to stop at the local café and introduce yourself to the locals? The beauty of a solo-trip is that no one is going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. You’re completely and totally free to do whatever you want and that freedom might just help you realize what you need to make more time for once you get home.

You Feel Like A Total Badass

Whether it’s meeting new people, asking for help from the locals, crossing a language barrier or figuring out a new public transportation system, you’re going to encounter crazy challenges and incredible opportunities during your trip and you’ll be amazed at how you handle them. Taking the training wheels off is scary, but when you only have yourself to rely on, you realize just how strong and brave you really can be. While bartering with that street vendor might not seem like a big deal at the time, once you’re home and constantly surrounded my friends and family again, you’ll realize how cool it was being an independent, kickass woman. The world isn’t nearly as big or as scary as it might seem and taking on a piece of it on your own will leave you feeling ready for anything.

Traveling solo can be intimidating. You might be anxious and uncertain going into the experience, but you’re stronger than you know and conquering a solo-trip is an incredible feeling. Take a deep breath, pack your suitcase and go find an adventure.

Cassie Myers

Editorial Contributor, Drake University Major: Advertising Her heart belongs to: oversized sweaters, books and all things Disney Her guilty pleasures: binge watching Parks & Rec on Netflix and eating her weight in chocolate chip cookies

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