Watch: Emma Watson’s Powerful Speech on Gender Equality

Calling all men: Emma Watson has formally invited you to join the gender equality movement.

“Gender equality is your issue, too.”

If Emma Watson wasn’t already your favorite celeb, she’s about to be. The adorable actress we all knew and loved as Hermione in Harry Potter is all grown up and this past Saturday at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, she proved it to all of us. As the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma rocked the world of feminism by delivering a powerful speech on gender equality to launch the HeForShe campaign that has the nation buzzing. The goal of the HeForShe campaign is to enlist the support of men across the world in the gender equality movement.

So, in her emotional speech, Emma called on all men to join women in the fight for gender equality. According to Emma, gender inequality won’t end until everyone is involved- and we agree with her. The rest of the powerful speech includes her personal experience with gender inequality, her aim to end the conception that feminism is an anti-men movement, and the importance of both men and women being involved in the movement. With the topic of feminism being so close to the heart and foundation of the Lala, we encourage you to read her full speech here. You have our support, Emma!

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On her argument that men are also affected by gender inequality:

 “We don’t often talk about men being imprisoned by gender stereotypes but I can see that they are and that when they are free, things will change for women as a natural consequence. If men don’t have to be aggressive in order to be accepted women won’t feel compelled to be submissive. If men don’t have to control, women won’t have to be controlled. Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong… It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum not as two opposing sets of ideals.”

On her argument that feminism is associating with sexism against men:

“I was appointed six months ago and the more I have spoken about feminism the more I have realized that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop.”

On being a woman:

“[I] think it is right that as a woman I am paid the same as my male counterparts. I think it is right that I should be able to make decisions about my own body. I think it is right that women be involved on my behalf in the policies and decision-making of my country. I think it is right that socially I am afforded the same respect as men. But sadly I can say that there is no one country in the world where all women can expect to receive these rights.”

Watch her powerful speech below (after the 30 min mark) and let us know what you think!

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