Embracing Your Inner “Girl Cell”

“Being a girl is so powerful that we’ve had to train everyone not to be that.” 

In 2009, Eve Ensler gave a TED Talk about “the girl cell,” a grouping of qualities that is central to both men and women alike and which we’ve been trained to suppress.

“The girl cell” allows us to have compassion, empathy, intensity and vulnerability. Ensler says that society has trained us to view these positive qualities as weaknesses. Thoughts of what it really means to be “strong” are implanted into our heads, reflecting the masculine and dominant qualities that we see in many leaders today. Embracing our feelings is so looked down upon in the world today, but Ensler wants to remind us that it’s not only okay to be compassionate, empathetic and intense throughout life, it is important to be those things.

Ensler’s talk is filled with painfully inspiring and heartbreaking stories of young women (including herself) who have overcome emotional and abusive trials in life, revealing the true power and strength of what it means to embrace your “girl cell.” So, ladies, lets remember how strong, brave and unique we all are and embrace our feminine qualities to the fullest; no matter what the world tells us.

Check out Eve Ensler’s TED Talk here and get ready to feel inspired!

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Lauren Brooks

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